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Is Google Nest support still wanted?

Keep up the great work, we need this.

Hi, I have send you an email with link for test install.

For subscribing I do not have that problem, subscribed to a push endpoint that points to homey webhook, always works. I hope :crossed_fingers:

Send who an email? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m very interested. I have 2 Nest IQ outdoor, 1 IQ indoor camera and a Nest Hello. It would be great when there will be an app for Homey.

Can you put it on the community store ?

I have submitted the issue to get it onto the store. Be aware that it is fresh and expect issues :slight_smile:

Topic with some quickly generated app setup instructions: Google Nest SDM.

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Checking your instructions and looks good, but the part of Create OAUTH2 consent and Client ID. Click 2 we need the homey app i guess for that part, right? :grinning:

Looks great and great instructions

On what part we must need the Homey app?

Install the app, and start with configure app. It will pull the needed websites when you hit the buttons, it is a sort of workflow…

So after your workflow we only must wait for the Homey integration (app)?

No, the app also has the device integration, it is one complete package

Oh so when I follow above steps it should work ?

:grin: wait for the app, it should make things clear.

Ah you are using push events; allright! :slight_smile: I am using pull events, that’s why the need to reconnect (if something fails) exists!

Very interested. Especially the nest hello. Really would like to stream the doorbell feed to the tv when someone rings

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App is in community appstore!

I see it indeed, however for some reason I did install the community store and it says installed, but i cant seem to be able to download/install any plugins? Its greyed out.

Nvm had to manually copy/paste the code in :stuck_out_tongue:


Working like a charm :grinning: Thank you!

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Is there somebody who wants to make a how to?
Step 1 i don’t understand it …