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Is it possible to connect a Cavius smoke detector (868mhz)?


I’m new at Homey and I would like to connect my smoke detectors to create a new flow. I’m having a set of 4 Cavius detectors, working on 868 MHz. It was possible to connect them to my previous Homewizard system but I can’t figure out how to connect them to Homey.

Help is appreciated!


Basically, if you can’t find an app for that particular device, it’s very likely that you can’t connect them to Homey.

I’ve got 7 of these detectors and couldn’t find an app cause these one are build for homewizard so far as I know. And they use an encrypted connection.

I decided to use them together with homey and homewizard with the HTTP request app. In my case it catches the http request and send an sound file to all sonos boxes in the house.