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Is it possible to force Zigbee mesh usage



Than it looks like you’re Zigbee is not making a mesh? This is how it looks over here:

And the page is loading with the mesh instantly again.


Hence my initial question. Homey does not seem to build a mesh network for everyone and it’s not possible to force homey… :frowning:


It’s the devices making connections with router devices.
Force Homey to build a mesh network is not possible, that’s correct.
Can u tell us where the devices are in ur house according to Homey?
In ur screenie from the first post i see 1 end device and the rest router devices. Are the all in the same room as Homey is? Devices want to make direct connections so if Homey is close enough they will connect to homey directly.


I don’t think that’s the problem, i had them across my entire home (also outside garden lights) and they all connected directly to Homey…


Ok. In that case i would blame IKEA and not Homey.


Hahaha yeah i thought that aswell at first Roco, later i tried all linked directly to Homey.
Ikea, Hue, Xiaomi and Innr, even connecting them one by one with some reboots in between. Nothing helped.
I spend days trying to fix it, when i update to fw 2.x i will spend some more time but for now the family will get very upset if i change anything / something stops working…


They only mesh when directly connected to Homey.
When connected with like a Hue bridge they make a seperate mesh network outside of Homey.



  • Always use Homey as the Grandmaster Hub; add all devices and bridges as slaves;

  • When Mesh is creating itself by identifying bridges, Zigbee will connect automatically via the best available route (w/ or w/o bridge).

Correct me if I’m wrong; but as I am going to buy 2 Hue bridges or Aqara bridges to cover the whole house w/ zigbee, I just hope it’ll work out that way. :muscle:t2:


Like this^^
U can add 17 Hue bridges with lamps, the Aqara devices WON’T connect thru that lamps!


Looks like the zigbee-chip still thinks a direct connection is the best you can get. Adding extra bridges is not going to help, they create seperate mesh-networks like @Rocodamelshe said. You could try a zigbee/zwave-reset but then you’ll have to reconnect all your devices. Did you already sent a mail to support?


[EDIT] I thought that previous messages where directed to me, sorry [EDIT]

I understand how mesh networks work (one of the first users of tp link deco’s in the Netherlands).
At this moment i have the ikea tradfri bridge using it’s own mesh network a Hue bridge that also has it’s own mesh network AND i use several xiaomi door sensors through the house using Homey’s zigbee.

So atm i have 3 zigbee networks inside my house (all brands spanding across all floors) and it works better then when i connect everything to Homey and use only 1 network. I know this isn’t the right way but after so many trial and error i found this to work good.

The weird this is that the xiaomi door sensors work even without meshing the coverage is to the top floor (door to roof terrace) but when i connect all lights and such to homey the lights loose contact all the time (also without Homey meshing and brand independent).

Again I really tried everything, i think some people just have the “meshing just won’t happen” problem but maybe it will get fixed with the zigbee software rebuild or is it already fixed since 2.x…

When i can find some more free time and have a successful fw 2.x update i’m going to invest some more time…

How hard is it to make an app for Homey, i have some scripting experience, website building (Html) and such (from the old days ;P)

[EDIT] I thought that previous messages where directed to me, sorry [EDIT]


Hum… after reading this thread I feel highly unsatisfied with the messy mesh capability of homeys Zigbee.

All threads I found about this topic are all left very open, no conclusion on “if Athom is aware of that bug” or “if it’s possible to do it like this or that way” or something.

Any conclusions about how mesh on Zigbee can work correctly?