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Is my Homey broken? (1 blue led)

I wonder if my Homey (Pro) is broken… :frowning:

After it seddenly restarted a few times, I got a random coloured ledring. Like a rainbow, but in another order. Then I pulled the plug for 15 min and plugged it back in. I got just 1 blue led in return:

Nothing else happens and it reacts to nothing. Not to the Homey phone app and not to other signals, like Kaku, Zigbee or Z-Wave. So it’s not just the ledring that’s faulty, flows aren’t working too.

Tried to reset it by keeping it upside down, but then nothing happens as well. No countdown, no yellow ring, etc.
Tried a few other adapters (min 2A) and cables and another PtP (for min. 15 min.) but no luck there either.

I suppose my Homey is broken? I made a support request at Athom, but these things always happen in the weekend. So I expect no answer before monday… :frowning:

Luckily it’s still under warranty and I have a back-up subscription, but I hope someone here has a solution… :slight_smile:

Hi Henk,
I have recently seen a similar issue at a friend.
Contact Athom for warranty or if you prefer the shop.

I did, as said… :slight_smile:
Was your friends Homey Broken and replaced? Or was there something that could be done?

It was send back but not sure, was approximately 3 weeks ago but first to the webshop. Guess due to corona and not much stock it isn’t back yet.

Hmm, that would be a bummer…
Luckily Athom resides in my hometown (Enschede); hopefully that helps…

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Never mind, missed the part about the different power supplies :slight_smile:

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And, what was the awnser to your problem?

No reply from Athom yet… :frowning:

Athom has just responded that they are 99% sure my Homey has completely died and gave a few good options to get it replaced asap.
Too bad it took some time, but the service is great now after all.