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Is there a better way to start radio on chromecast devices?

The developer has replied on your app rating: com.google.chromecast

What happened with cast a radiostation?

The developer wrote:
Hi, The radio casting is back in version 5.0.16 with a new experience!

Update arrived!!!

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Does anyone know why the Tunein functionality on the Homey Chromecast app doesn’t show many stations that come up / can be searched on Tunein (and played via the Google home using a voice command)?

For example, The Breeze Auckland

Version is increasing quickly now, updates to 5.0.16 2 hours ago and to 1.0.17 half an hour ago. Can’t wait till I get home and be able to check if this indeed works. That to me is the best part of Homey and the ecosystem, it keeps getting better :smile:

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The AND cart “is playing” works again :slight_smile:

For me its working again, but you have to add al your stations again…

Cool, this indeed works rather well now! It does have some delay, after the flow starts the Google device “bleeps” almost imediately, but the radio only starts about 15 seconds after that.

I would like to use this as a waku-up alarm where I would wake up with some relaxing radio music. Now the “bleep” will probably wake me up and then the music starts later. But I don’t think there is a lot Athom or Homey can do about this an I’m happy this now works. Good job devs!