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Issues starting flow with Siri from Apple Watch

When I try this new feature with Siri my Iphone it runs succesfully the favorite flow. When I try this from my apple watch this isnt working and I get an error on the watch:
“Sorry, er is iets fouts gegaan. Opdrachten zegt, “Start favoriete Homey Flow” kan niet worden uitgevoerd. Er heeft zich een communicatieprobleem voorgedaan met de app.”

The phone and watch are restarted


And the app is not supporting the watch.

And what says the post above yours :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping:

Also please translate your post to englisch, as your posting in the englisch section of the forum, wich means we speak englisch here. Not everyone can understand Dutch. If you prefer Dutch please look in the Dutch section of the forum

I get the same error message on the watch. I use siri shortcuts on the watch with scenes from ‘woning’ (probably called home on an english phone), and they work fine.


Does not work with Siri on Apple Watch, neither if I use Shortcuts watch app…

+1 Have the same issue. Works from the Shortcuts iOS app but not from the Apple watch.

Today a new version of Homey app on iphone was installed. An apple-watch app comes along with it :slight_smile: . Siri shortcuts don’t work (yet) on Apple watch though. Hope this comes soon now Homey on apple-watch is available

I also have noticed this - hope a fix comes for it soon :slight_smile:

Same issue. Hope they will fix this soon

Does is work again? On my watch it doesn’t work.