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ITEAD Sonoff


Yes, that’s why this forum is called “Homey Community” :slight_smile:

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Ah, my bad :slight_smile:

I thought a device is optional as discussion are mainly related to the App.

Thanks anyway


The confusion may have been caused by the Homey device also supporting apps. This thread is about a Homey app, not a mobile phone app.


Hi, are you aware of this?

Enables Homekit for Sonoff Basics with original Itead firmware.

I guess it requires a live internet connection, which runs a bit counter to Homey’s philosophy, but maybe there is an easy way to port this to Homey so people have an alternative to Tasmota that would not require flashing custom firmware…


I looked at one of the older Homebridge plugins for eWeLink devices, but hadn’t seen this on yet.

Since I don’t use eWeLink myself, I’ll probably won’t use it (but all PR’s are welcome, of course!).


Hello again Robert,

I took a look at your code to see if there’s anyway I could help implement the D1 but couldn’t see how the devices are implemented. I’ve a bit of C experience & might be able to help if you could point me in the right direction.




In short:

  • driver configuration can be found in config/drivers (after changing/adding a driver, run npm run compose to create app.json from those configuration files)
  • driver implementation can be found in drivers

But to be honest, to support generic devices like the D1 (with any number and combination of sensors and input devices), the current setup is lacking.

I’m thinking about doing a complete rewrite for Tasmota-based devices, where there will be just a single driver for any Tasmota device. That driver should perform “feature sniffing” to automatically find out which sensors and input devices are connected to the Tasmota device, and build a list of Homey capabilities from that.

But that’ll have to wait until I’ve upgraded to v2.


Is it possible for the Sonoff Touch T2 & T3 or Sonoff 4CH to add an extra card, where all the 2, 3 or 4 switches turn on/off or toggle all at once ?

This makes a flow more simple, instead of adding 2 / 3 / 4cards for the same function.
I have know idea if this also save resources /memory for Homey ?


There are too many variations that a full implementation would have to consider (relay 1 and 2, relay 1 and 3, relay 1 and 4, relay 2 and 3, etc…), which means a lot of extra flow cards, which will actually mean more resource/memory usage.

You can implement this yourself though, using a virtual device, or—if you’re using the Sonoff-Tasmota firmware—by using the Interlock command.

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Thank you for the suggestions !

I mean 1 card where all relays of that device are switched on or off, Not an certain combination of different relays.
Idea was when an alarm is triggered than all lights of every room in the house is switched on

Iam looking into the Interlock option of the tasmota firmware !


I understood that, but of course it’s just a matter of time for other users to start requesting a particular combination of relays to be switched :wink:


OK, thanks for the reply. I’m particularity interested in getting the ADC on the D1 working, I’ll see if I can implement it as is.



I have 3 sonoff basic’s that I had connected to Homey before the upgrade to version2. I disconnected them and stored them for several weeks. Now I want to use them again but I do not seem to be able to connect to any…
Is anyone else experiencing this problem? I also redid my network, so the problem could be there.

I power up the sonoff basic with tasmota. I see it getting connected to the wifi, the device gets an ip adres. In the app I add a new device, for the MQTT broker i use and the matching username and password.
And then, it times out :frowning: I have tried 3, all the same problem.


Did you change the IP-address of the MQTT broker in the Sonoff device configuration?

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I owe you a beer… maybe 2.
Thanks! :blush:


Out of curiosity, this is the Itead Sonoff app but since a couple of months there has been a software release to convert powerplugs and strips easily into Tasmota devices.
The software is called Tuya-Convert. I just happily flashed a Teckin SP22 powerplug with power metering into a tasmota plug. But before i started this I did not check to see if there is homey support…

Long story short: can you add Tuya plugs into this app or create a new app? :slight_smile: let me know how I can help. I’ll happily send you a powerplug if you need one.


At the moment, the current setup of the Sonoff app isn’t flexible enough to allow pairing Sonoff-Tasmota devices with a random set of capabilities.

I’ve been thinking about a rewrite that should be much more flexible, and automatically detect the switches/relays/sensors that a Sonoff-Tasmota device has, but because my Homey got bricked during the v2.0 upgrade, I basically moved all my home automation stuff to another platform (Home Assistant), and I haven’t been working on Homey-apps a lot the last few weeks (even though my Homey got replaced by Athom, it’s now sitting in the living room doing basically nothing).

Once I find the time (and spirit) to start Homey development again, I will look at the rewrite, but until that time, you’re going to need to find a workaround if you want this device to be supported (you should be able to get it somewhat working with a combination of virtual devices and the MQTT Client app).

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Sad to hear this but thank you for the quick response.


Thanks for all your previous effort on this.

I’ve just got my first Homey today and was looking at moving away from Home Assistant and I’m in the same boat as @Hennie_Leermans.

I have 8 Teckin SP23 and 4 Slipinto sockets that all work fully on with the BlitzWolf SHP Module.

More Info > https://github.com/arendst/Sonoff-Tasmota/wiki/Teckin-SP23

Any way I can bring some of your spirit back and donate to the cause of getting this to work with the new devices since Tuya Convert is around?


Not right now, sorry.