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ITEAD Sonoff

Can somebody confirm that the Sonoff Mini will work with Homey (latest firmware). It should be able to be flashed with Tasmato https://github.com/arendst/Sonoff-Tasmota/wiki/Sonoff-DIY

Thinking of picking up 4 of these, there is currently a good deal on them.

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I’m using several sonoff devices (also not sonoff) , flashed with Tasmota. They were working fine but now since a couple of days I hardly can (manually) operate them from Homey. No errors, but the switches are unreliable and don’t switch (often). Web operation is working fine. Strange thing is that I’m having a script in Homey that switches the light on and off and that didn’t fail until now. Anyone having the same issues?

Found it One of the devices had the same client name. It generated LWT messages. That helped me to find the error.

Hi there,
And many thanks for your hard work, it works perfekt with my sonoff pow’s

One request (if its possible),
It would be Nice with a virtuel motion sensor, where you Can set a threshold for how much power consumption Will trigger the “motion sensor”

At the moment im using this homebridge plug-in, to see when my washing machine, and tumbler is done… https://github.com/SeydX/homebridge-washingmachine-pow

Oh, didnt see this post before writing my last post… i would also like to donate to help motivate you to get back to homey :wink:

I my self have just bought homey to try and get rid of my HA, openHAB, phoscon, and homebridge setup, and try to get one gw to rule them all :slight_smile:

Is it possible to get a sonoff device flashed with Tasmota to work with Homey ?
Can I get the consumption feature to work or is it just on/off feature ?
Planning to but a couple of sonoff from here

Most drivers that the Sonoff app provides only work with Tasmota-flashed devices. For the Sonoff POW devices, consumption is supported.

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Thanks worked perfect

Can anyone confirm?

I cannot specifically confirm, but if they are simple on/off devices you can configure them as a Sonoff Basic with Tasmota, and then they should work with Homey.

Yes, I’ve already installed 10 mini sonoffs that work with homey.


I have some problems with BlitzWolf SHP 6 flashed with Tasmota 7.1.1
Sometimes they work but sometimes not. I also lose connection with but I can connect to them on there ipadress in ex Chrome.
After restarting Sonoff application they work for a while and then lose connection again.
Also sometime get at error message in Homey app on my Iphone" Something went wrong try again"
I have deleted device and added them again, same problem.
Can I see somekind of logfile so I can get more information what goes wrong ?

Homey doesn’t keep a logfile, but if you know how to, you can run the app from the command line and it will log some information: https://github.com/robertklep/name.klep.sonoff

However, given that the Homey app is also giving errors, I’m guessing that your Homey might be having issues with its networking. I can’t really help with that, but you could try and search the forum for possible solutions.

Thanks for your answer.
I have around 15 other MQTT devices and they work fine.
I also now notices that the device in Homey dont have any capabilites like measure_power or measure_voltage. But in Tasmota all those values can be seen and are sent with MQTT to my broker.

Maybe I should pick another device when adding it to Homey like a POW 2 instead on Sonoff “other”??

You should configure your device (in the Tasmota configuration) to most closely match one of the supported (by the Homey app) devices to get the most out your device, so if your device is similar to a POW, configure it like that. But even then, the Sonoff app for Homey is limited in the capabilities that it supports. Only if someone is willing to take over development of the app, or create a completely new “Tasmota” app, will that improve, I’m afraid.

Wish I had programming skills :wink:

You could learn :wink:

mmm but I dont have the time and patience :slight_smile:

Seems like Tasmota 7.1.x devices dont work with this app ??


Do you have experience with Sonoff SC device?
Currently it is not in the supported devices list but is going to be?


No experience, and won’t be supported (at least not by me), I’m afraid.