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KAKU / Trust smoke detectors ZSDR-850 (Zigbee!)

Hi all,

Anyone have any experience with these KlikAanKlikUit / Trust ZSDR-850 (Zigbee) smoke detectors?

According to Athom’s app for Trust they should be supported now. But since Zigbee implementation for smoke detectors is quite new, and did not see anyone using them here…

Same question for Trusts CO detector ZCO-900:

Homey app page where it says they are supported:

Would it be needed to buy the Trust ones to add them to Homey’s Trust app; or would KAKU or cheaper Heiman ones from AliExpress work as well?

I use both KaKu versions of these detectors (recognized as Heiman by Homey) with the Trust app, works good with no problems. When an alarm of one of the detectors triggers, my flow will send me a notification to my phone and all lamps in the house will be switched on :-). I do not know if Aliexpress versions will work, I decided not to try :-).

I use three of them (smoke versions) on Homey Bridge, the same experience as @Beege

KaKu does not have a Heat Detector, for use in a kitchen. So for that I use the Frient ZigBee Heat Detector, also works with Homey :-).