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Keep losing Wifi? “ Homey is offline”

I’m having some more issues with my Homey. I have gotten a new PSU, so it stopped rebooting, but I’m having issues with wifi-dropouts. I need to unplug and reboot the Homey to get wifi again, it doesn’t seem to reconnect itself.

I never have any issues with other devices on the network. I currently have 3 Google pucks in a tiny apartment, all wired up and giving a stable 500mbit connection. (I have 600mbit Internet so it’s almost full bandwidth).
One of the pucks is even right next to the Homey, so it should have more than enough signal. But once in a while it’ll just drop out.

I’ve tried to get rid of as many apps as possible, and I have as few devices possible connected to Homey, to keep it stable. I now have maybe 10 devices and 3-4 active apps.

It kinda beats the purpose of the central, but I can’t get it to work stable with a lot of different protocols active etc.

I’m on V7.1.

Is the Pro the way to go (skeptical about continuous wifi issues).
Mine isn’t that old, but says “early 2016”. I don’t remember exactly when I got it to be honest.

I use Google Home for most stuff on the Homey, not that many automated flows, so when it loses wifi, I cannot turn on lights with Google, it just says “Homey is not available”, which then means my thermostats and lights.

Homey is very sensitive to certain WiFi features, like 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz networks combined under a single SSID and things like band steering. It seems to be one of the very few devices that has such big issues, even $2 microcontrollers with built-in WiFi perform better.

However, I think that the Google WiFi devices are very limited in terms of what you can configure on them, which makes solving your problem (or at least trying to find out what’s causing the issues) very difficult.

I believe that between “early 2016” and now, Homey got a different WiFi chip, which may mitigate your problems, but that’s looking at coffee grinds (to paraphrase a Dutch saying…).

Apart from Google wifi, an other issue can be the ‘too much used up RAM’ issue.