Klik Aan Klik Uit devices not listed in Homey


Can Click On Click Off (KaKu) devices that are not in the Homey list (for example, a temperature gauge) are added to Homey without the intervention of a HomeWizard or other device?

Does anyone have experience with this? Then I would like to hear that.


My advice is to create an Enhancement Requests on GitHub.


Sorry @HansieNL Wrong answer!

This issue tracker is for bugs and issues found within Homey and Athom Apps.
If you require more general support contact Athom’s support team
at: support@athom.com

Request for support of new devices can be done in a new Form: https://go.athom.com/request-device-support

(If it was a new type KAKU 433Mhz socket or button it probably would have worked by paring as another socket/button but as you are not specific I would have to guess…)