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Hi, today I tried to add a acm-lv10 by generating a signal. Unfortunately I could not get it to work. Tried everything: PTP, delete device in homey and add again, reset the Kaku device, shorten the distance to less than a meter. No clue why it is not working. Any ideas?


Did you verify the working of the ACM-LV10 Mini-LED-controller 0-10V with a KAKU remote?


That is what I will try next, but have to buy one


Controller works with remote and adding it to homey by using çopy remote also works.
So it reems related to the ‘generate a signal’ functionality


Hi, since version 4.0.10, my AC-300 switch/dimmer is not being recognised as a dimmer, but as a switch. In the app it doesn’t have a dimmer slider anymore. Can you please fix this?

Things i’ve done:

  • Cold restart Homey
  • Restarted the KaKu App
  • I have deleted the device and reinstalled it, but it comes back as a switch, not a dimmer.

Homey firmware is 1.5.12
Kaku version is 4.0.14


I cant add the APA2-2300R annymore, they where connected before and removed.
I kan connect them to a remote but not to homey.
Are more users experience this?


U did ofc clear the memory of the plug?


yes, i dit with the family button on the remote.
The plug cliks a few times as conformation.


With 3 wall plugs


Can’t trigger flow with the doorbell button anymore, my old flow have a broken chain. I thought I just had to re-pair but it didn’t work. It used to work very good. I can still ad the dong part to my flows. (ACDB-7000C)


When you re-pair a device, Homey will regard that as a new device, so to fix the flow, remove the broken card and create a new one from the newly paired device.


It doesn’t even show up to add to the flow. Only the speaker (dingdong) wall plug part. Didn’t help to re-pair the button (removed device first).


Time to create an issue, I guess: https://github.com/athombv/nl.klikaanklikuit/issues

EDIT: take a look at the changelog:
“Changed doorbell devices to have a seperate device for the gong and the button. This fixes a issue where the device keeps triggering itself in a flow where both the gong and the button where used. If you’re using the button in a flow, you’ll have to add the button seperately and integrate it again in the flow.”


I understand what Athom did in v4.0.13, to give the sender and gong a separate card, but now I can only setup the KAKU gong ( 7000C) again, but not my KAKU remote sender (7000B ), so if I install the sender, I see the instruction to hit the sender button ( doorbell button ), but there is no connection made between Athom and my doorbell.
I did try to remove everything and install again more then once, but my sender is not connected to Homey again. What do I do wrong? :roll_eyes:


I did select ADCB-6600 remote for connecting the ACDB-7000B sender and is working well.


Thanks for the reply. I’ll try that ! :+1:

Update: To bad, this didn’t work. As it looks now, none of the KAKU devices aren’t working after the update of the app. The devices that are not working anymore are the doorbell ( ACDB-7000C and ACDB-7000B remote ) , smartplugs ( APA3-1500R ) and also my outdoor sensors ( AMST-606 ) Looks like the problem lies within the app.
Even re-install of the devices is not possible anymore.


@willem : I did remove the ACDB-7000B sender and added again as a ADCB-6600 remote.
Did you remove the old devices before adding them again?.


So the problem I am experiencing is that the on/off commando’s are queued… And after a few minutes of being unresponsive it flushes the queue so my light flashes on and off

Anyone got the same?


I had this behaviour in the past a couple of times. For what I can recall mostly this was due to some strange things in flows. For instance I had a flow that pushes a certian state to a kaku lightbulb every x minutes. For some reason this caused another flow to malfunction because, I guess, the 433 chip can’t handle paralel commands.

So you could check the flows to see if there are certain possiblities to flood the chip.