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I cant add the APA2-2300R annymore, they where connected before and removed.
I kan connect them to a remote but not to homey.
Are more users experience this?


U did ofc clear the memory of the plug?


yes, i dit with the family button on the remote.
The plug cliks a few times as conformation.


With 3 wall plugs


Can’t trigger flow with the doorbell button anymore, my old flow have a broken chain. I thought I just had to re-pair but it didn’t work. It used to work very good. I can still ad the dong part to my flows. (ACDB-7000C)


When you re-pair a device, Homey will regard that as a new device, so to fix the flow, remove the broken card and create a new one from the newly paired device.


It doesn’t even show up to add to the flow. Only the speaker (dingdong) wall plug part. Didn’t help to re-pair the button (removed device first).


Time to create an issue, I guess: https://github.com/athombv/nl.klikaanklikuit/issues

EDIT: take a look at the changelog:
“Changed doorbell devices to have a seperate device for the gong and the button. This fixes a issue where the device keeps triggering itself in a flow where both the gong and the button where used. If you’re using the button in a flow, you’ll have to add the button seperately and integrate it again in the flow.”


I understand what Athom did in v4.0.13, to give the sender and gong a separate card, but now I can only setup the KAKU gong ( 7000C) again, but not my KAKU remote sender (7000B ), so if I install the sender, I see the instruction to hit the sender button ( doorbell button ), but there is no connection made between Athom and my doorbell.
I did try to remove everything and install again more then once, but my sender is not connected to Homey again. What do I do wrong? :roll_eyes:


I did select ADCB-6600 remote for connecting the ACDB-7000B sender and is working well.


Thanks for the reply. I’ll try that ! :+1:

Update: To bad, this didn’t work. As it looks now, none of the KAKU devices aren’t working after the update of the app. The devices that are not working anymore are the doorbell ( ACDB-7000C and ACDB-7000B remote ) , smartplugs ( APA3-1500R ) and also my outdoor sensors ( AMST-606 ) Looks like the problem lies within the app.
Even re-install of the devices is not possible anymore.


@willem : I did remove the ACDB-7000B sender and added again as a ADCB-6600 remote.
Did you remove the old devices before adding them again?.


So the problem I am experiencing is that the on/off commando’s are queued… And after a few minutes of being unresponsive it flushes the queue so my light flashes on and off

Anyone got the same?


I had this behaviour in the past a couple of times. For what I can recall mostly this was due to some strange things in flows. For instance I had a flow that pushes a certian state to a kaku lightbulb every x minutes. For some reason this caused another flow to malfunction because, I guess, the 433 chip can’t handle paralel commands.

So you could check the flows to see if there are certain possiblities to flood the chip.


Nope. I just switch on and off about twice a day


I have a strage problem with “Klik aan Klik uit”
I have tested with 4 stekkers, 3 where APA2-2300R and one APA3-1500R

I Had them connected to Homey for a long time, they all work fine.

I did not used them annymore and deleded them all from Homey and also resetted the stekkers in the program mode with the group key on the Klik aan Klik uit remote. This works, they all klik a few times as conformation.

But then coms the trouble, i cant add them to Homey anymore. Selecting is ok, pairing seems ok but there is no klicking and the devices don’t swich.

Does someone know what is going wrong here?




Update to Homey Firmware Versie: 1.5.13-rc.14

Pairing is working again


Choose the ACDB-7000C


Today I finnaly finally found some time to try to ad my KAKU devices again, and installed the 7000C as a doorbell. To my suprices everything worked as normal again. Also all the other KAKU devices as remotes, transmitters, and plugs like the APA3-1500R. Thanks for your help. :+1:

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