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KNX Dimmer


Hey guys!

I’m new to this. Just got hue working. Also got KNX switch and KNX relative dimmer working. So far so good.

I also need the one called KNX dimmer to work. Stepless dimming. With this I can start the lamp but no dimming. I read somewhere that it may be because of your KNX dimmer hardware and that it do not support stepless dimming. But I know for a fact that this one does because I used another app way back to sort this.

I have two types of actors for dimming. One Dali, with a Dali gateway and all of that and one “normal” dimmer actor. I cannot get any of them working with KNX dimmer. Only KNX relative dimmer and with this ont the flows will suck.

So please I really need your help to sort this out.

Thanks in advance!