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KNX problems


Yesterday I took the decision to be an owner of the homey unit.
For me the product shall connect my KNX system to communicate with other wireless solutions in the house.

Everything seems to work fine except for the KNX connection.
Homey is listening to the knx trafic and get values like temp and status etc, but I can’t send any telegrams to the knx units. I don’t know what is wrong and need your suggestions.

Thanks in advance for your support.

Best regards


https://community.athom.com/search?q=knx ?


Thanks, I already done the search of the problem without success.
What is the port used by homey to connect to the IP interface of the KNX 3671?


Continuing the discussion from KNX problems:

Is it important that the knx interface has the physical address 15.15.255 in the knx network?