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Kodi [2.6.0]

Hi @Goliath,

Could you please send me a log directly after you have started your media computer and you get no response from Homey? You can submit a log in the Homey app via Settings > Apps > Kodi > Gear (top right) > Diagnostics report. Please post your log id here so I know which report is yours. I think it has something to do with the auto-reconnect functionality, since I occasionally have the same issue with Kodi on my Android TV.

Absolutely I will do that when it happens again. I must take back what I said before, it doesn’t happen every time when I start my media computer. I will get back to you when I have the fault again.


First of all, thanks for the app, I love both Kodi and the Athom Homey, and this app is seemingly its loveable lovechild.

I have a problem however, when Homey is supposed to notice that Kodi is going to hibernate (with the help of your "Kodi is going to hibernate"card) it often does not, so it doesnt trigger the rest of the Kodi Hibernate flow i’ve made.

Hope you can help!

Hi @Knutanderson.

What platform are you running Kodi on? Depending on your platform, the app might not respond well to system events like reboot, shutdown and hibernate.

Hi Marvin,

It’s Leia 18.3 on WIndows 10,

Thanks for replying!

I haven’t tested this on Windows 10 so I am not sure whether this should work. Could you try to setup a few test flows that trigger on reboot, shutdown and hibernate that send a push notification to your phone to see if and when these flows trigger? I would ask you to send a log after it happened, but I am not receiving any crash logs. Trying to get this resolved with Athom.

Hmm, I tried what you said, but it became much less clear what is happening.

I tried rebooting Kodi from the shutdown menu, did not get a notification. i tried letting Kodi reboot by itself after 5 minutes, no notification.

I tried shutdown, no notification, I tried Kodi auto shutdown after 5 minutes, didn’t get a notfication.

Hibernate after 5 minutes did work 2 times out of 2.

I thought maybe my computer goes into hibernation/shutdown/reboot too fast for your app/Homey to notice, since the exclamationmark in the Homey app, on the Kodi device icon, appears about 5 second after Kodi has shutdown/hibernated/rebooted.

Hope this helps.

I’m experiencing the same issues. Kodi Homey app 2.6.0.
Platform is LibreElec 9.0.2 and Kodi 18.2. I tried to submit the log but I’m not sure if this worked. Log ID starts with 349952c1.

I was playing around in my flow trying to streamline some things and I noticed something:

When using ‘Kodi speelt af…’ (Kodi is playing… I guess) in the AND column and I invert the card nothing changes.
I don’t know if it’s just cosmetic, haven’t tested it yet.
Or maybe it’s a Homey-bug and not in the Kodi-app.

Good find! It’s only cosmetic, since I have not translated the inverted part of the title. I’ll pick this up in a future version.

Thanks! :+1:

Hi Marvin,

First of all, good work on the Kodi app!

I have a question but I don’t know if you can make it work. But maybe the solution is already there and I am looking with my nose (sorry…Dutch :slight_smile:)
If not, than consider this as a suggestion for extra functionality :slight_smile:

I have multiple flows which control lights and are triggered by Kodi events.


  1. When Kodi starts a movie…do this
  2. When Kodi starts an episode…do that
  3. When Kodi pauses playback…do another thing
  4. When Kodi resumes playback…and there you have it. I dont see how I can let Kodi know it resumes a movie and fire flow 1. Or it resumes an episode and fire flow 2.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hey @Sandert,

There should be a flow trigger called ‘Kodi has been resumed’ that you can use for this. If you want to distinguish between a movie and episode, there is also a condition ‘Kodi is playing…’ with a dropdown option where you can select ‘movie’ or ‘episode’.

Let me know if you run into any other issues.

Yes, bullseye. The condition ‘Kodi is playing…’ did the trick. Resuming a movie or episode now have their own corresponding flow.

Unfortunately the last 2 flows in controlling the lights in my design won’t fire(yet).
The flows are triggered by ‘a movie stops’ or ‘an episode stops’. When I fire the flows manually all is well.

Am I missing something?

These will only trigger when a movie or episode end (including credits), not when you press stop on your remote. Perhaps the name is a bit confusing. You can use the flow trigger ‘When kodi stops’ for this. There is no way (yet) to identify whether a movie or episode stopped, but you can easily track this in a logic variable if you want to distinguish between a movie and episode.

Why do you even make separate flows for movies and episodes?

Aha. That makes sense.
In my case its not relevant for homey to know if a movie or episode stops. Both end up in the same state of light config. I think this might work. The flow is ready but I’ll test later after the wife is finished with her 10000+ vlogs on YouTube. :slight_smile:

I use seperate flows for movies and episode because I (…we) like to watch a movie in an almost dark room, like the theater. When playing an episode dimming the lights is enough.

edit: Works like a charm

Glad to hear :slight_smile:. I will rename the flows to ‘when a movie ends’ to avoid any future confusion.

Hi! I have a request; is it possible to add navigation options like up, down, left, right and enter? Will be awesome to scroll trought menus using the Xiaomi Magic Cube! :heart_eyes:

Thanks a lot for the app and already a blessed 2020!

@Marvin_Schenkel Happy New Year,

This would be nice option.

Happy new year guys! I’ll add these navigation options in the next release :+1: