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Latest update 7.1.4 position homey

I’ve just updated iOS to 15.02 and app to 6.9.2, running 7.1.4 on Homey. Disabled and reenabled location service at iOS Settings/Privacy/Location and Homey iOS app home/away detection.

Still have the issue… never before iOS15

Me to same issue! iOS 15.2 and homey app 6.9.2

Did you try these things. (See above) … After updating the Homey App it Initially didn’t work for me until I did these two things …

It works for me again after some fiddling with the homey location switch and the position of homey in the homey app.
First on manual I moved homey location a mile away from home. Than switched on to automatic location. Pointer went back to my home location. Than switched back to manual.
Now detection works again even when app is completely closed.


I updated to the newest Homey App that just came out a few days ago. It stopped working again. Did the shuffle between auto and manual setting trick , now working again .

Don’t think I’ll be updating the App anymore till they get their sh@t together.

Homey app on the phone? Isn’t the version 6.9.2 823 same?

Correct the same version 6.9.2 823 is still the latest stable at this moment, already ~ 25 days?
Although the topic title doesn’t tell I guess most is about the latest iOS updates last month

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