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Led It Be - A highly configurable screensaver

Led It Be

Adds a screensaver to your Homey that can be configured using flows.



In the LED Ring section of the settings, set Led It Be as your screensaver . The effects will be visible once the screensaver kicks in, and keep on running while the screensaver is active.


  • Configure the screensaver to resemble the state of your home, such as “Armed” or “All lights off”,
  • Use one of the provided patterns, such as “Lighthouse” or “Stroboscope” for visual effects,
  • Use the color picker from the flows editor to select any RGB color you want.

Does it work? I tried it by making a flow and running it but nothing happens…

*edit Ah ok, I have to set screensave to Led It Be first before running the script!

Hi, works fine, even had fun with a blue/red strobo!

so i trigger a new leditbe, by a flow, no issue

but how to set a timer on it? it is not listed in the timer card
i want to avoid having another flow just to set it back to my “daytoday patern”

Yeah I understand your use case, but a separate flow is currently the only way to achieve that. I’ve created this app mainly to reflect the state of my home, continuously. I do like this feature though, so good chance that I’m going to add something like that soon :slight_smile:

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