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LG WebOS better integration


There is already a LG WebOS app available but it hasn’t been updated in a long time and it doesn’t work reliable. LG WebOS offers a lot more features like directly selecting the channel, showing you what is being played, the state of the current TV like “off” or “playing”. All of this can be done directly through WebOS without the IR remote feature.

Would be great if we could get a better integration with the LG Tvs as it would allow us a lot of more automations. :slight_smile:

Here is the integration of LG WebOS for Home Assistant, maybe the code can be helpful for this:


Thanks for this message. Lg webos app is really not working. I had it with homebridge like a year ago, even then it was great. I really hope athom can improve their own app or perhaps someone else can develop a better one.

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I previously asked the support service a question about WEBOS, why I can’t get real TV status when there are plugins for homebridge, Domoticz and other smart home systems. Without understanding the essence of the question, namely what the working examples cited with reference to the homebridge plugin, they answered: “Since this is an integration of Homekit, you can contact the developer of this relevant application.” There was such a feeling that to increase sales of homey, they stuffed appstore with half-working applications and simply threw them away, but they are not going to update and modify the product that they themselves have placed in the store. However, the main thing in this case is marketing, and with how many devices HOMEY can work with, but it doesn’t matter how it works. I honestly do not even hope that you can expect anything in terms of updates to this plugin, with such success you will learn to write these plugins faster and the benefit is a lot of working examples in other systems that can be taken as a basis.

hi there,

Thanks for the reply. I will email them as well to see what they say. But as it is the WebOS app is useless. It actually doesn’t work often. So it is a shame.