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LG WebOS better integration

@anon10867213 I am a bit confused about your comment, might just be me :wink: To what app are you referring?

My guess is this is just spam, see the link he posted. IR apps, has nothing to do with this thread.

Yes I noticed the link and I thought might be a copy/paste mistake. Well you can control your TV with IR of course so there is a tiny reference to IR apps :wink: but unless no response I will indeed consider it as spam.

I checked the latest state of my WebOS codebase and I noticed that I already have implemented the required for a few of some ‘newly’ api’s I discovered a while back. I will try to create a new version ASAP but I need to develop this while having access to the TV without bothering my wife :wink:

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Maybe you should buy a ‘development’ tv… don’t know if you own a porch but I seriously recommend it :wink:

IR btw requires the homey to have a line of sight… don’t believe lot’s of homeys do. Mine for example is placed inside the cupboard and doesn’t have a clear line of sight to anything (except for the Nintendo Wii, but that doesn’t have anything to do with LG).

Hey Hello!

I have a problem with your app, the tv loses its connections after a few hours. My guess is that it has something todo with mdns / multicast because I have that disabled (I don’t want to “cast” to my tv”) is there a way for manual input of ip adress? It’s a static one

@ArtjeB @JB2K I have just released a new version with new external input and app selection. I also last minuted added the possibility to set the IP address manually. Please don’t forgot to set the checkbox to true in the settings else it will get overwritten on new discovery.

For those who have installed the app via the Homey Community Store, it will auto-update if you have that turned on :wink: if not you can install the app here. Don’t forget to login (I know, need to fix some UI issues for the HCS)


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is that 2.3.0 ? because i cannot see anywhere where i can set a manual IP

It’s added in the device settings, however, for that, you must of course have the device added in the first place of course. I didn’t think of that haha sorry. So maybe set your tv to Cast to add it, then you can stop the casting again and manually control the IP via the device settings.

Haha yes i did that but now everything crashes

@MaxvandeLaar Hi,

I updated from 2.1 to 2.3 and now everytime the app crashed. Go back to 2.1 and everything is fine. Only for your info @MaxvandeLaar

Many thanks! It works nicely here. I will monitor if I get more crashes.

@Tolga are you experiencing the same crashlogs as @JB2K?

@JB2K how did you install the update? Was it automatically installed via the HCS, or did you do it via commandline? in case of the latter, run npm install before you install the app on your Homey and it will fix the issue. I am unsure why, but the app always seems to have an issue with node-fetch.

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Hello @MaxvandeLaar ,thanks for your help, npm install solved the problem. Big thanks for your help. Great Job

Still interested how you installed the update? Was it manual or via the HCS?

Hi, manually installed.

Okay thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

Manual! Trough git I will apply your fix :slight_smile:

Is this still a working project? If so, are installation instructions provided?

Ok, so I got this installed and it’s looking really good compared to the “official” app. When I try to access the token holding the app name I get “cdp-30” (or something) instead of “Plex”. Is it feeding me the package name?

Don’t really know what you are doing, but I’m using this app too, if I can check something for you, no problem. Just let me know.