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LG WebOS gives ECONNREFUSED error when trying to connect to my LG OLED55C7V


When I want to add my tv with the Homey app LG WebOS I get this Message:

request to http://ip address tv:1855/ failed, reason: connect ECONNREFUSED < ip address tv> :1855

The returned ip is correct.
WiFi is on on the LG TV.
WiFi direct is on (Homey not showing in the list of the LG tv) on LG TV.
LG connect Apps is on On the LG TV.

I Port forwarded Port 1855 on my router to my LG tv ==> no result.

I tried the iPad app “LG TV plus” on my iPad. This does a similar thing and works with no problem.

What can I do to get the Homey app “LG WebOS” to work with my LG OLED55C7?

Thanks in advance.


App from athom has multiple issues, you could try this app made by community. You have to install it via CLI (search this forum how to)

Thanks Kevin,
I will study this alternative to see If it could be something for me.