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Lidl device Zigbee


Lidl has new smartphone products

Lights sensors and more and is available in Holland on 27/11

Can someone make an app or try it will work on tuya ikea oaram Philips apps
It’s Zigbee
See link here

You’d better post your request here: Homey Community App Requests

That app should work with LIDL devices:

As far I know it‘s just rebranded Tuya stuff.

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But then I need to upgrade to V5 I think

Hope someone will test it

As Max says those are Tuya devices and will fit right into my Tuya Zigbee app. They will only work on firmware 5 as the Zigbee stack in firmware 4 is not able to manage them.

If anyone have these devices please head over to Tuya Zigbee topic and send me info as requested in top post.