Lifx delay


Hello !

When I turn on/off lifx bulbs with Homey app (or HomeyDash), it takes like 3 seconds ! I don’t have any delays with LIfx app. Is it possible to reduce it ?

Thank you :slight_smile:



I tried with different objects with Homey (sonoff, ikea bulb, tado valves,…) and Lifx are the only ones who have got a delay between the moment I press On/Off on Homey app and the moment the light turns on…


Hi @Julien_Moors this is because the Homey app uses the LIFX Cloud to turn on/off the devices, whereas the LIFX app uses the local network protocols on your home network to turn on/off the lights.

There is little that can be done about this, due to the use of the cloud service, as I to have the same issue.

There is this app available, which needs to be manually installed I believe, that uses the local protocol.

I am hoping that Athom will update their app to use the local LAN protocol for LIFX, but I think they are busy (and rightly so) on Homey V2


Hey @Tony_Burn,

Thanks a lot for your answer ! I understand now why it takes that time to switch on/off.

Btw, I’ve tried Lifx Local and it goes wayyyy faster (max 1sec delay) and that’s super great !

As you said, I hope they’ll update Lifx’s app too :slight_smile:

Have a nice day !



Hey @Julien_Moors

With your LIFX lights (RGBW ones), did you find that when you dimmed then down it actually changed the white balance.

Eg, 100% warm white

when dimmed to 50% changed to a cool white ?

Seems to happen on both my bulbs and also the strips.


Yes, it was a known bug in this version of the app.


Hello @Tony_Burn,

Yes same here, when I dimmed them I got a cold white and that’s why I try not using Homey to change colors/dim/… on my lifx bulbs

I only use Lifx Scene that are triggered via Homey. It’s more easy for me to configure. Maybe it will be easier with Homey V2…



Thanks for confirming @Moek & @Julien_Moors

I’ve had a look at the code, and I think there is a problem with the Dim logic, i’m going to have a tweak of the code this week and will report back.


That would be great @Tony_Burn !
Although I appreciate the support for scenes and LIFX Z zones in the current version, the response time always causes my kid and parents in law to press the lights off again before they have a chance to turn on :wink:
Thx for your efforts, eagerly awaiting your findings!