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Lightwave Smart Series (generation 2)

I have just submitted an app for the Lightwave Smart Series (generation 2) devices.

It will only work with the Link Plus and devices that connect to it, so NOT remotes or wireless switches etc. For those you still need the original Lightwave app.

This app will connect via your Lightwave account using their official API. You will need to obtain the Bearer and Refresh tokens from your Lightwave phone or web app and enter these into the app settings page.

Hopefully the app will be approved but as it is my first homey app I’m not sure what they expect.

I have a number of dimmers (1 and 2 gang), sockets and a relay. All are working fine for me and respond quickly to commands.

The app currently uses polling to update the tiles when the devices are changed manually so there can be a small delay. Lightwave have implemented webooks to provide feedback but this currently has an issue. Once they sort that I will try to get that working which should speed up the feedback time.

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If anyone wants to side load to test or start using it the source is here:

Thanks bvdbos for pointing this out to me :+1:

Edit: I have now fixed the spelling error in the git title so samert should be smart :grin:

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The app has now been published in the app store. Currently version 0.2.0 beta. I would be grateful for any feed back.

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I’ve not had any problems reported with the app so far so I have requested it is published as 1.0.0 release. I have added a support for the energy meter and the door contact in that version.

I have now got the webhooks version working so once the current beta is moved to release I will submit this to beta. Then if there’s any problems with the webhooks users can switch back.
The webhooks are fast to respond for me so it was worth the time.


I had an issue connecting a L21EU, it doesn’t find it when installing and the box below is filled with text:


Ah, only just seen this so I will add it in when I get home.

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The beta, using webhooks, has now been published.

I have moved the beta to stable as I have had no problems reported by those using the beta. I have been using it for several weeks now without any issues.

I have also requested a new beta to be published that adds support for the newer EU devices.

Hope this all goes well for everyone but please let me know if there are any issues.

1.0.4 beta now published.
This adds support for the latest “EU” devices. Unfortunately, I don’t have any of those so maybe someone could let me know if they work or not ( Bigbrother_Jason maybe).

Will install right away!

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Ive installed and put it in teo flows. Seems to work great. The dimmer I added is duplicated in the Home app so I removed the Lightwave bridge from The Home app in the phone and that also worked. No issues in 24hours

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Thanks for letting me know. I will push the beta to release.

I have just submitted 1.0.5 beta.

This shows power usage for dimmers.
Unfortunately, existing dimmers will need to be removed and added back in to see the extra capabilities. Then flows that depend on those dimmers will have o be repaired.

A new beta has been published (1.0.8) with the following changes:

  • Updated bridge methods for better queuing of transactions.
  • Updated the settings page so the log is on a separate tab.
  • Added an option to switch logging off.
  • Log data panel is now refreshed when new data arrives.
  • Changed WebHook function to filter on a different parameter.
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It appears the LW have stopped posting updates to the Webhook. As far as I can see the Homey Webhook feature is working fine so I have submitted a support request to LW to try and find out why.

As a workaround I have requested a new version to be published that has an option to revert back to polling for values.
The full update log is:

  • Added option to select Polling instead of Webhooks in case LW stops sending notifications.
  • Added option to specify polling interval.
  • Updated the settings page so the Unsupported Devices panel is on a separate tab.
  • Added the Homey ID as a parameter to the webhook URI so the address looks different for each Homey.
  • Changed Webhook function to filter on the Homey ID instead of the LW Location ID.

Hopefully LW will get the Webhook working again as it is very easy to overload the LW server with requests when polling.

The new beta app (v1.0.9) is now published. I wish LW were as responsive as Athom, presented yesterday evening and approved this afternoon.
Hopefully LW will fix their events (Webhook) soon as it is far better than polling when it was working.

LW have still not fixed the webhooks.
So new beta version is available that improves the polling performance by using the LW batch call.
I have also changed the webhook to an endpoint so if LW ever fix their events it might be more efficient.

Looks like LW have fixed their Webhook / Event system. So I have published version 1.1.0 of my app which now works with the latest LW API and responds to state changes almost instantly without constant polling being required.
This version uses Homey end points instead of Homey webhooks so each Homey has a unique URL for the LW Event callback.