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LightwaveRF wireless switches no longer working after update!, any ideas?


Hi All, My Homey updated last couple of days, however my Lighwaverf LW205 wireless switches are no longer working, I have powered off homey for 10 minutes (cable out) and still cannot re-add them.
I add through devices but when I press the wireless switch, homey is not responding. Does anyone else have this problem?

Any ideas?



I have the same problem but not sure when it started.
I can see the signal being received in the tools - Record 433MHz.


You should contact support@athom.com directly.


I reported it on the App github a few days ago and included the recoding, etc as I thought it was an App issue.


Thanks all for the reply, I’ve emailed support.


Having the same issue, all my mood switches have stopped working, which isn’t ideal considering they’ve replaced half of the light switches in my house and run through flows on homey!