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LinkTap App (0.0.10 is now live & 0.0.10 is available for test)

Hello again,

I tetsted a little with the MicroDrip system (I think my plats will love it).

This is the push message from Linktap: 8,1l for 2min and 4l/min

The data in Linktap app:

The Flow with global Linktap tags:

The timeline message:

The two tags seem to be filled with the same value.

This are the counter from the device:

What ist the m³ counter? I can`t identify the corresponding value in Linktap. The watercounter is only 250l in Linktap app.

Just wanted to give you the short feedback. Perhaps you can test by yourself next days :sunny:

At least both numbers agree with one of the LinkTap numbers :slight_smile:
I will take a look and see what is going wrong.

Yeah, shuffled? But I didn`t shake my Linktap :grin:
Thanks. Please write if I can help to test again :+1:
But no hurry. Enjoy the nice weather.

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So, it looks like there were two separate issues. The API has two methods to get the status. One returns the alarms, active mode and last water flow rate but can only be called every 5 minutes. The other only contains data while the water is flowing but can be called every 30 seconds. This has the time remaining, flow rate, etc. It also has a parameter that I thought was volume, but it’s not documented and seems to always return 0. So that was one problem. The other was me setting the wrong capability in the 5 minute data and updating the volume instead of the flow rate.

So I fixed the issue with the wrong capability and I now attempt to calculate the volume. Unfortunately, 30 seconds is a bit course so the volume calculation is very much an approximation.

I have asked LinkTap if they can add that into the next update so we shall see if that appears.

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I woke up this morning and the first thought that came into my head was “m³ is not L” :slight_smile:
The water_meter capability is a standard Homey option with units of m³ but the value I calculate is based on the flow rate in L/min, so the number is actually in L.
As m³ would be a very small number for the LinkTap, I have changed the units text in v0.0.7 to L to match the number.

Hi Adrian,
thanks for this fix. The tag values are corresponding with the device capability now.
The amount of water ist the amount while the last timeslize of 30 sec? The overall amount of last watering would be better. But you can only provide the API data…
Perhaps this will be possible with local API - perhaps with callback at end of watering. So I will wait for coming updates from Linktap.

The amount of water should be the total for each session, but something is not working properly.

In theory I sum half the flow rate every 30 seconds. It was working but not now, so it seems I fixed it and then broke it again.

I also found a bug in the new LinkTap firmware while testing it and reported that at the same time that I asked if the volume used could be reported. They replied this morning to say its fixed and it is so great support from them.

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I have been investigating a bit more and found that the vol parameter is documented, so I wasn’t going completely mad before. The only problem is it is just accumulated over the on time and is only updated once per minute. So if the on cycle is only 1 minute long then it will likely never get updated due to the 30 seconds polling interval. When I was testing the other day I was using eco mode with 1 minute on and 2 minutes off, hence not seeing a value and thinking it was not working.
Today I set it going for 4 minutes without eco enabled and it was updating.

There is another API call to get the watering history over the last 30 days, so maybe I will look into using that to show the volume used over the last 24 hours.

I have also emailed my observation to LinkTap to see if there is anything the can do in the short term.

The G2S is available now at Amazon UK.
I hope it`s coming soon for EU.

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That’s interesting as it sounded like it would be in the EU before the UK.

I have had a reply to my observations / wish list for the API. They said they are starting to work on the local API so won’t be changing the server API for now. But if the local API doesn’t work out then they will take the wishes into account. No timescale was given as you would expect so we will have to be patient but I’m sure it will be worth the wait.

LinkTap G2S can be ordered at Amazon.de now.
Available at 20.04.

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I have a G2S and it’s working fine with the app.

I have published a new test version 0.0.8. I have added the On / Off capability so the valve can be switched on and off in instant mode more easily. The Advanced Setting are still used to determine the watering period, etc.
The On / Off state is also altered when the valve state changes via the app ot when the on-time ends.

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Very nice. So the virtual device ist not needed.
Is it necessary to delete and reinsert the device to get the new capability?

No need to delete it. I checked if the capabilities are there and add them if required when the device is initialised.


I can not install the linktap app with a failure

“LinkTap wird kürzlich auf Homey installiert”

This sentence makes no sense… even in german!
Probably it is like… will be installed soon…???

Does someone else have a similar problem?

I haven’t seen that one before.
Which version are you trying to install (normal or test)?
You will probably have to contact Athom support and send them a Diagnostics report from your Homey.
I will ask around to see if anyone else has any suggestions.

I have just had a thought! What version of Homey firmware do you have?
The app uses SDK3 so requires Homey version 5.x.x or higher.

That’s normal for installing from the app store. It means “will be installed soon”. The german translation ist no so exact :wink:
The installation starts in background and a refresh of the app screen should show the app.

If the version is not compatible, another message would appear in the app store.

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Thank you for the quick response.
RonnyW is right… Homey installed the App over night and now it should be running.

Never the less… this was the first time I got such a massage. In the past, apps have been installed allways immediately.

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