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Location and Presence (Owntracks) - HowTo

I’m sorry, i just get it. I will try that. Thanks !

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Voor IOS gebruikers moet onder instellingen Authenticatie hier uitgezet worden.

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I hope you do not mind that I added the screenshot in the FIPO.


Well, i tested this app for days and it never work on my wife iPhone…
Can’t have her in my fences…
Same configuration on our iPhone…
I gave up ! :cry:

@jeremypsl To be honest it didn’t work for me as well. I had the same problems as Raytestrak reports early in this feed. With the Authentication settings almost everything was solved immediately. Fence detection took one or two days to calibrate as it seems. Now it is working perfect.
If you want to try again there is a lot of help standby to help you out!

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Did you create a seperate “user” for W’s phone inside the L&P app’s config?

What is the equivalent as

-the first person arrived
-the last person left
-someone arrived
-someone left

-somebody at home
-nobody at home
-specific person at home
-specific person not @ home

I see one replay, but possible english?

Dutch to English :nerd_face::blush:

If you have additional Q.'s, just ask

The best solution is to desactivate the homey location and use this app in a flow for each person to trigger his stats (present or absent) and then, keep using stock cards.

Which homey location desactivate? there have 2 option enable Home/away detection or Find homey’s location automatic? And if I desactivate, this may have an effect on e.g Sun Events app

The home/away detection of each devices in homey settings.
The Location and Presence app will do the job instead.

ok I will try. one more think Location and presence app settings need enable this 3 option?

And if I use Location and presence app and off home/away detection , Can I use the homey factory presence card, or just Location and presence app card use it. becouse than I will rewrite all flow are uses factory presence…

As i said, you keep the homey presence cards.
You just change the way you are locate.

ok I change here my settings and I now arrived my home but the app not work…

What is not working ?
The app see you in your fences ?
Did you create a flow to manage your Homey location by L&P location ?

I create flow but app no see fances. Here app pictures

The geofance In own tracks all iPhone same name Home because the my home is 1 location.

Here is 1 my flow e.g


You have to create additional flows for everyone, to let geofence trigger set the @ home or away status, as explained here:

I think you’ll need different home location names for all users. F.i. HomeA, HomeB, HomeC etc.
Otherwise you can’t determine WHO arrived or left.

IF “Location & Presence” geotrigger ‘HomeA’ has been received
THEN mark user A as AtHome

IF “Location & Presence” geotrigger ‘HomeA’ has left
THEN mark user A as Away

I have Same 2 flow run test mode