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Location and Presence (Owntracks) - HowTo

I try all user different name home location but not work and app fance rows empty!!

This is not a comfortable issue, because I use this flow one card is more comfortable:

the app add new home location name i see.

I explained the same thing twice, with different examples about what you can do to make it work. But you want to do something else instead…
So, I’ll step out of this conversation
Nothing personal! Hope it works out for you in the end.

thanks for all. I’m not personal either, I make 1 card you sad and not work for me, sorry I don’t want to complicate matters. if i can solve something with 1 card then i don’t do a separate card for everyone but if i did and tested it doesn’t work. No fence data in app no work…

You need to set the home fence within the owntracks app.

yes I set and I see the homey app but no fance 2 picture

There is no radius… set the fence in owntracks and add a radius of 200m (or something similar).
I also don’t really see the point of having a home fence for everyone separately even though the location is exactly the same.

Last but not least I would suggest deleting the screenshots that share your home location for privacy reasons.

Me too but @Peter_Kawa told me.


I think you’ll need different home location names for all users.


here need set radius?

I set radius and now see fence information. I will try how it works.

Happy to help…


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Not true… in the first card you specify the user and fence, no need to have a fence per user.

@Hannes85 If I use this card how can set Flow e.g if my wife leave home set mark wife away… or my son leave set same mark son away…
if I use this card of course set mark home/away and send all user notification.

and if I use this card need more settings to set mark home/away?

In the “when” column;

In the “then” column you use the “presence” cards and select the name of the right person;

ah I see I need create separete cards all users, here is not working 1 card like factory homey presence.
@Hannes85 1 more thing, if I use owntracks Home/away and presence mark as same Home/away all user. E.G. Im the last person how leave home, after will run factory presence e.g flow use is nobody is at home? And after Im the first person how come home factory flow The first person comes home. All flows will run automatic?

Hi all,

I have problems too with the app or the flows.

  1. I have installed the owntracks app on a iphone and a samsung. This works well and I can see on the map where the phones are.
    1a. radius on both phones set to 150 meter
    1b. Fence on both phones set to Thuis (Home)

  2. I have installed the location and presence app on homey.
    2a. I can see both users with the fences, Lon. And lat., battery and device
    2b. If I click on the geofences button I only see 1 fence with radius undefined. Does this mean I need to use a different fence name for each user?

  3. If I make a flow with in the when section enter geofence trigger with the user name and the fence name and then in the Then section a push notification that the user is at home the flow seems to work. But when I make a second flow with in the when section geofence leave trigger this flow works also and that should be impossible because the user is at home.

Can someone explain this to me???


On point 2: You need to set the home region and radius on both phones manually. Just name it the same and you’ll be fine.

Regarding point 3, I need to better understand what you mean by “this works”… what does it mean. It triggered when leaving or?

When testing both flows (enter geofence trigger) and (leaving geofence trigger) for the same person, both flows send me a push notification.

The second flow (leaving geofence trigger) should not do that because the user is at home.
The app should see that I think

On point 2 I have set the radius and fence name on both phones manually.

Then it’s normal that you see only one “home” radius. What is not normal is that you do not see the radius. The radius you set in the owntracks app. Once done in all phones (set it with the exact same settings) you can push them by going into settings and then “publish waypoints” and “publish settings”

Can you share the exact flow please?