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Location and Presence (Owntracks) - HowTo

The password is the password for the user (Jeremy) that you created in the broker app

Peter S9 is the same login as used in MQTT broker.
So use the same user+password with both Owntracks and MQTT broker
S9 is just my description of my phone, and PD are my initials
On Jessica’s phone, u use again the same mentioned user+password (this authenticates Owntracks with MQTT broker) and instead of S9 u can use ‘Phone-Jess’ or just something you can recognize her phone with.

Fence names are also defined in Owntracks, but called ‘Regions’:

So if i understand correctly, in MQTT, users are created in MQTT Broker but in HTTP users are created in Location app, correct ?
So i create users in MQTT for every users in my house ?
But i also need a user for the Location app ? Because it need to log in too ?

Thanks, i’m such a noob…

Edit : well it’s working… need to test it more but it seem to detect faster than HTTP.

Edit 2 : the sync of geofences is not working on my iPhone. And i can’t see my wife on the friends map as HTTP allows me to.

hi here is security settings iPhone i not find the OwnTracks connected but not show my device position… I installed mqtt broker homey. I did it…

Hi I installed the homey mqtt broker and location & persence and iPhone owntracks. I only 1 account add to mqtt broker that is I used location app configuration
And the owntracks settings dns and separate userid like wife name and childrens name but same password make broker settings. There is connection is connected. And see all devices location & presence app configuration page.

This is good?
The friends page owntracks not see other family member I don’t know why.
Here 3 pictures

and if I try install iOS device cerificate and after say this message:

Hi have any ide I want to flow set if I leave my home over the 20km the flow run and not starting afternoon heating. I don’t find any solution this triger. It is possible?

Yes, you can make a geofence over the road once you past that you can start a flow with Owntracks.

Create a region over the road with some overlap.

Then create a flow , If Felho enters Road20km_Region , and time is after 13:00 then start up heater or whatever you want to do

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If I create one region near my home and I neked set circle radius 20km? Or how looks like this?

You can create a geofence around your house with a radius of 20km.
When you leave the fence → heating off
When you enter the fence → heating on

But first check if the fence works correctly :slight_smile:

And one more think, why not see my family member? I set mqtt broker everyone use same broker but not see others, owntrecks discreption say:

OwnTracks has a so-called Friends and Family capability which is enabled by default. The way this works is friends and/or family members who share a single MQTT broker can “see” eachother on the map, respectively on a list of friends held by the app. (This can be done either by configuring all apps to use the same broker or by what is called bridging .)

Let’s assume for a moment, that a user Jane (user name jjolie ) has an iPhone 4s (device name 4s ), and that she publishes location data to a topic at

Did you set the read/write permission correctly?
Friends should work with a MQTT broker.

ACL’s should be something like:
owntracks/# → read/write