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Location and Presence (Owntracks) - HowTo

You did replace the [cloudid] with the cloudid value of your Homey? And the the token with the value that is shown next to the username in the settings?

okay, I updated, and after doing everything right and checking the 401 error before asking :wink: :slight_smile: I got ti to work.
awesome! thanks!

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I’ve implemented Location and Presence as an alternative voor Homey native Presence not working at all.

I’am using Homey 2.x and installed the Location and Presence app on Homey and Owntracks client on my mobile phone (One Plus). Using http and followed instructions for it. Have a geofence Home on the client (and see it in the Homey app).

I have some difficulties:

  1. Using significant change monitoring mode when the latest update is just outside my fence short before I actually arrive at home Homey (off course) will never detect me as being home. How do I solve this?

  2. Even stranger. My household members also have Owntracks client installed and configured with Home geofence (Huawei and iPhone). Now I see two of them in Owntrack as being outside the house, but Homey thinks they are still at home!?
    Updating the position in Owntracks doesn’t help. Neither does restarting the Homey app?

  3. What happens if press Delete data within the Location and Presence app?

  4. I see EY as an - to me - unknown friend within Owntracks? Is this actually the Location and Presence app on Homey?


Joepie, het werkt ineens weer! Ook voor mijn man waar het helemaal niet meer werkte.


When i enter a region in the OwnTracks app. It jumps in to the presence and locatio app in homey but it dissapers in the owntracks app. Is it How it should be?

I would Also like the right link for version 2.0 users, and it would be nice if the desceiption tells the link as well.

I would like to add my girlfriend. Is it the same on her phone as the description says?

Last but not least. Sorry for my bad swenglish

Evening All - I have just moved over to Homey from Stringify and I am really struggling to get Location and Presence working.

I’ve installed Owntracks on my partner’s phone and mine and set up exactly the same GeoFence on both handsets in the Owntracks App. When looking at Owntracks, it correctly shows that we are at home or outside the region

When I look at the overview in the Location and Presence App, more often than not, it shows a blank space instead of the fence name.

I’ve tried everything including uninstalling and reinstalling the apps on both our phones and redoing the HTTPS URL again. I’ve double checked, the radius is set to 150 as per the recommendations in this thread.

I really am not sure what else I need to try, so please could I have some help and advice!

Many thanks


Yesterday things seemed to improve in the morning. The Location and Presence app updated correctly to show that we had left the Home Geofence.

We had to double back on ourselves and again it updated, this time showing we were home. As we left the GeoFence again, everything updated correctly. I was delighted.

When we returned home, it updated again. There was a bit of a delay in it doing so. Also, despite being in the same car, my phone updated about 11 minutes later. (which could have been the settings)

This morning it again updated correctly as we left for work.

However, this evening I have been bashing my head against the wall again. It only updated my phone as being home over an hour after I got home. According to the Location and Presence app, my partner is still not home. The GPS co-ordinates have updated but it never marks him home. I’ve included the logs in case someone can make sense of what is happening - what is interesting is it appears that he is being marked as home in the logs, but that doesn’t shoot through to the Overview:

20190418-21:12:53 We have received a location message
20190418-21:12:53 Set battery percentage for Drey to 94%
20190418-21:12:53 User Drey authenticated
20190418-21:12:53 handleOwntracksEvents: [{"_type":“location”,“tid”:“d2”,“lat”:51.xxxxxxx,“lon”:-0.72xxxxx,“tst”:1555618348},{"_type":“location”,“tid”:“d1”,“lat”:51.xxxxxxx,“lon”:-0.72xxxxx,“tst”:1555618338}]
20190418-21:12:57 handleOwntracksEvents called
20190418-21:12:57 received ‘{"_type":“location”,“acc”:100,“alt”:146,“batt”:96,“conn”:“w”,“inregions”:[“Home”],“lat”:51.xxxxxxx,“lon”:-0.72xxxxx,“tid”:“d1”,“tst”:1555618355,“vac”:200,“vel”:0}’ on ‘owntracks/Tim/httpendpoint’
20190418-21:12:57 We have received a location message
20190418-21:12:57 Set battery percentage for Tim to 96%
20190418-21:12:57 User Tim authenticated
20190418-21:12:57 handleOwntracksEvents: [{"_type":“location”,“tid”:“d2”,“lat”:51.xxxxxxx,“lon”:-0.72xxxxx,“tst”:1555618348},{"_type":“location”,“tid”:“d1”,“lat”:51.xxxxxxx,“lon”:-0.72xxxxx,“tst”:1555618355}]
20190418-21:13:09 handleOwntracksEvents called
20190418-21:13:09 received ‘{"_type":“location”,“acc”:16,“alt”:0,“batt”:94,“conn”:“w”,“inregions”:[“Home”],“lat”:51.xxxxxxx,“lon”:-0.72xxxxx,“tid”:“d2”,“tst”:1555618366,“vac”:0,“vel”:0}’ on ‘owntracks/Drey/httpendpoint’
20190418-21:13:09 We have received a location message
20190418-21:13:09 Set battery percentage for Drey to 94%
20190418-21:13:09 User Drey authenticated
20190418-21:13:09 handleOwntracksEvents: [{"_type":“location”,“tid”:“d2”,“lat”:51.xxxxxxx,“lon”:-0.72xxxxx"tst":1555618366},{"_type":“location”,“tid”:“d1”,“lat”:51.xxxxxxx,“lon”:-0.72xxxxx,“tst”:1555618355}]

Try enabling the inregions setting in the Homey app.

Thanks very much for the suggestion.

I did that last night and unfortunately it didn’t work too well this morning. Our phones were on significant changes mode in Owntracks and didn’t register we had left the GeoFence. I turned them to move monitoring mode after we had left the GeoFence and left them for a while. This seemed to update the Location and Presence app that we had left but didn’t trigger any of the Homey flows for some reason.

This evening, it did register that we were home in Location and Presence but about 10 minutes after we arrived. What was odd was that our location was shown correctly in OwnTracks. This was with Move monitoring mode enabled.

Any further ideas?

I use a Mosquitto MQTT Broker on my raspberry pi. Location and presence of
homey will check my pi for messages. Works prefect. See OwnTracks.org for howto’s.
I turned off Geofence of homey.
You can install MQTT Broker on homey instead of a raspberry pi.

Hi Hullie - thanks for the suggestion about MQTT. I did try playing around with MQTT but have to admit that I really didn’t understand what I was doing and as a result I couldn’t get things working.

For some reason, it seems to have started to pick up on us coming and going. The arriving back into the GeoFence seems to be rather delayed… but it is working. I am gonna try and work out why but I am just happy it is working at present.

You can also install it on a NAS / QNAP or Synology or whatever…
As I already had that present I installed Mosquitto MQTT on my QNAP NAS

If you are in a car with your phone your sunblocks in your front screen can block the GPS function, also you should have an “internet” connection to update the “owntracks” location to the MQTT server.

You should also setup the owntracks part on Homey turn on check doubble leave and enter events.

I added comments behind your questions.

Evening ChrisBoer.

I was in a car but had good location - checked in Waze - my location was very accurate.

I did have a good internet connection to.

Since your suggestion, I have also updated the Location and Presence app on Homey to double check enter and leave events.

Odd things are still happening… it’s almost like the Owntracks app data isn’t feeding through correctly to Location and Presence in Homey.


I’ve been using this app now for a while now and it works like a charm… been (Iphone-7) testing and playing around… I am keeping it But now I have a small problem

I wanted to add a second user (my GF) . so I added user Kirsten in the Homey-L&P-app and got a tokenID. next I installed Owntracks on her I-phone 6S

I set-up the HTTP broker
Uder Kirsten (same as in L&P-app)
cloudid… same as mine
tokenid… her token

As soon as I’ve done all this I imediately get a notification on my own phone from the Homey-L&P app
saying “Location & Presence: Device Changed for user.Kirsten to httpendpoint”

So I guess she’s recognized… and when I add a Geofence in her Owntracks-app I (on my phone) get a notification that Geofence X is added and it is also visible in the L&P-app settings .

but somehow it does not work… the app won’t pick up her location… her location stays “Undefined”


When I test her presence in a flow


I tried several ‘moving’ modes in Owntracks

made her “beheerder” in Homey

Deleted everything and started all over again…

nothing seems to help

What am I doing wrong??

Homeys network connections can be flaky. What are you using? HTTPS or MQTT?
When using HTTPS you are also depending on the availability of the athom cloud.

You are not doing anything wrong as far as i can see. Seems like the app has not received any location data yet. Wait and see if the phone leaves the house what happens. And check to log in the L&P app to see if data gets is received from the phone.

HI Scanno - I am using HTTPS as I don’t understand MQTT and when I did try it I couldn’t get it working. (That was definitely user error LOL!)

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your reply! I do appreciate the effort you made to give us an alternative for Homey Presence not working at all.

Ad 1.:
The thing is that having to do manual action to have an accurate position is as handy as manually set the “i am home” state in Homeys presence… Furthermore I cannot do this for my household members and they suffer from the same.
However setting inregion seemed to take care of this (not understand how and why by the way). Maybe together with smaller locator displacement and locator interval settings?

Ad 2.:
I have disabled Homey Presence and my household members don’t have the homey app installed. Updating the position normally doesn’t help. Restarting (my own) homey app doesn’t help.
Sometimes members are shown home from Location and Presence while they are not and vice versa!? All this when the Owntrack client on my phone shows does members correctly in or out of home!? Flows that changes a counter and alerts me at my phone when someone arrives or leaves often don’t seem to run!?
Again not being able to rely on this is as good as no information so I hope you are able to solve this :slightly_smiling_face:

Regards, and again I appreciate all your efforts for making this!