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Location and Presence (Owntracks) - HowTo

Hi all, I have one more question regarding the 401 error I receive following entering the link to the Homey cloud. Where can I find the configuration management? Many thanks!

Problem solved! Works great!

Hello. Using OwnTracks, I have created a geofence and called is HOME. I have created two users EY (that is me) and NS. I have created the usual flows to trigger events when leaving or entering the geofence. When user EY enters and leaves the geofence, all works as it should be. But when NS does the same the flows do not fire. I can see NS on my map while he is wandering around the city. NS URL details seem correct.

From the app “Location and Presence” all seems normal. Nancy (NS) authenticates and sends info:

I fail to understand why flows are not getting triggered.

Can someone help?

i have uploaded the pem file to my iphone but when i try to locate it via Owntracks app, it is nowhere to be found. Any hint on how to get the app to see it?


Hello @Johan_vdG,

Can you please explain to me how did you create these variables?

They look interesting.

Those variables are automatically created by an app.

See screen. Most apps used their own variables.

Sorry screen is in Dutch, because I changed language in homey to be more compatible with A google-home device.

We have the same app however i am not able to locate these values… I am intrigued.

can you please tell me under which section were you able to find them? A screenshot will do. Thanks.

Yes u can!

AAAAAAH! I need to have the appropriate trigger… it it not just a normal tag. It is flow related tag… Thanks for the hint!

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Small problem; there is no ‘auth’ in the file so ‘false’ is meaningless. Error 401 still exists. In the status

What’s next?

I have the same issue as @Raytestrak, 401 error, and try to follow your suggestion to change the key/value. With the current version of owntracks it is for me not clear where to find configurations management and where to change these settings.

Can you help me out?

EDIT Together with Ilja we found out if you use the * IOS * app, Authentication is a settings option which can be disabled with a slide switch. So no Editor and stuff needed.

This is the way to go imho, @Ilja_van_den_Bos :+1:
When the editor screen is in focus, enter “auth” in the higher, and “false” in the lower field, and confirm.

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How to add geofences ? It put my coordinates in the name of the fence…

The geofences should be defined in the Owntracks app. If all’s going as should, they appear in the Location & Presence app.

@scanno Menno, can you add this info to the above info, in case one uses the IOS app:
Authentication is a settings option which can be disabled with a slide switch. So no Editor and stuff needed.

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I have a question in Flow options : when i see Enter Geofence trigger, if i set all users, that mean any users of the list need to arrive or all users of the list need to arrive ? There is less less less options than the default location…

Good Q. It says Wildcard with the All Users choice, so my guess it triggers the flow whoever enters the geofence. BUT all users should have given their geofence the same name, f.i. [home]

What options are you lacking?
F.i. with ‘geofence leaving trigger’, when the last person is set to Away, it automatically marks that person as the last person who left. So it’s a bit more combined.


Sometimes i need to set the last person who left or the first person who arrive or a specific person who arrive and another who is already here, etc…there is not enough possibility to configure unfortunately.

What is the equivalent as

-the first person arrived
-the last person left
-someone arrived
-someone left

-somebody at home
-nobody at home
-specific person at home
-specific person not at home

Examples for arriving @home: