Luxorparts (BETA) app, can not install it on my Homey (SW 1.5.12)



I can not install the Luxorparts app in my Homey, has anyone succedeed with that?

I run the latest software version on my Homey (1.5.12).

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I see it depends on Firmware 1.5.13,
I don’t know Why but Athom probably has a good reason for that.
Please wait until Homey Firmware 1.5.13 becomes stable
(or choose for updating to the experimental Firmware but read the warnings and know the impact on switching to the experimental channel)
I could install it on my Developlemt Homey FW 1.5.13-rc.11
I don’t have Luxorparts devices… so cant say if it works…



Allthough it seems that KlikAanKlikUit App and Luxorparts hardware plays along very nice. :grinning:

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