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Magic Home LED Controllers App

I have a magic home led controller (5v) with a 5m led strip connected to it. Pairing the controller with Homey with the MagicHome app works and I’m able to control the led strip using Homey. But after about 5 minutes it stops working and I get lots of error messages about timeouts. It still works fine when using the MagicHome app. To get it to work with Homey again I need to re-pair the controller and only then I can use it again for about another 5 mins. Someone knows how to fix this? Thanks

I’m still having the same issue, though not after 5 minutes but after 8 hours or so. I’ve already tried to set the controller to a static IP and that also doesn’t resolve the issue.

What I noticed, but perhaps it’s unrelated, that when you remove and re-add the controller to homey you will discover 2 devices and they both get added successful however only one works.

Really hope there is a solution for this, so thanks to all involved!

Are the two discovered devices two actual Magic Home controller or is it somehow adding the same device twice?

both are magic home controller;

one is called RGBWW controller HF-LPB100 (
the other one is RGB SPI addressable controller AK001-ZJ210 (

and the weirdest thing is, now when I remove the device from homey and then re-add with resetting the controller to factory default first. It will actually recognize 6 devices, but whilst adding them it give a duplicate error twice, so only 4 are added at the end;

RGB SPI addressable controller AK001-ZJ210 (
RGBWW controller HF-LPB100 (
RGBWW controller other (
RGBWW controller other (

So it appears as if the the controller gets multiple addresses, however in the MagicLife app it also only lists 10.0.1175 as the one linked to the device. If I look in Homey, this one; RGBWW controller HF-LPB100 ( gives an error in the device screen (red triangle) and the RGBWW give ECONNREFUSED if try to switch them on or off.

All-in-all strange, let me know if I can do anything to help

Both the HF-LPB100 and AK001-ZJ210 are not (properly) supported yet as far as I can tell.

According to some user the HF-LPB100 seems to be giving issues when changing whites or color and only ON and OFF work, see the issue here: https://github.com/jghaanstra/magic.home.wifi/issues/4

I have bought a AK001-ZJ210 myself but was unable to get it to work with an addressable LED strip WS2812b. I have bought another strip from Aliexpress which is awaiting delivery which I hope will work. After that I will be able to test it further, see the issue here: https://github.com/jghaanstra/magic.home.wifi/issues/5 . Are you using this controller with an addressable LED strip and does it work?

Regardless of the support for these devices the issues you are describing with the pairing wizard are indeed strange. I’ll look into that. Do you have experience installing apps through command line. I could create a version with some extra debugging that might tell me more on what is going on. Another thing to try is to remove all devices and pair only one device at a time.

Thanks again, I’ve now switched back to only turning it on / off, and the last few days it seems to be working. Hadn’t realized that this was an issue, will do my homework better next time!.

The led strip itself isn’t addressable as far as I know, but I could be mistaken (since its a SMD5050 led strip, I guess that means non-addressable?)

With regards to using the command line, I haven’t done this on the Homey (yet) but that should be OK, if you want me to test, just let me know

once again, thanks a lot for all the support!

It would be great if you could test the pairing to see if I can find out why it’s giving duplicate devices. I have created a debug branch on GitHub which you will need to download from GitHub here: https://github.com/jghaanstra/magic.home.wifi/tree/debug

Then you will have to use the command line to run the app using the command athom app run. You will find out instructions here on how to setup the command line: [HOW TO] CLI install method

I am looking for original firmware for magic home controller . Mine is rgb with 24 ir remote controller zj wfmn-a v1.1. Last version was 33.v6

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Just installed a LED strip on the back of my TV with a Magic Home RGBW controller and loving it!

One thing I have noticed both when using Homey or the stock Magic Home app: when switching to custom mode (e.g. 7 color cross fade) the brightness turns to 100%. When trying to adjust to 10% it switches back to mono color :thinking:.

Any thoughts?

If the behavior also occurs when using the Magic Home smartphone app then it’s probably a bug in the firmware and there is not much I can do about it.

That’s what I thought, but had to ask… Same applies to your custom effect card (which is awesome btw): there is no option to set the brightness.

You can somewhat set this using less brighter colors of course.

Great app! Thanks @Phuturist. I’ve got the Magic Home LED WiFi-Controller from AliExpress.

I’m blocking internet access of this device. It is phoning home like crazy! I don’t know what it is sending to ra8816us.magichue.net. It is something users could be aware of.

I guess that’s the cloud connection for the Magic Home app?

No not the app but the device self, the WiFi-controller

Yes, I know. That’s what I thought: the controller making a connection to the cloud so the app can reach it…

Does anyone of you guys know if there is only a rgb and a RGBW controller of this brand? Or is there also a rgbww/cct version availibe for warmer white…

I’m using an RGBW version now, but that’s not really nice yellow white.

Hi can you tell me how I would give this device a static IP as I’m having the same issue, thanks

You have to do that in your wifi router, best is to look it up in the manual or online. In my r7000 its easy but it depends on your brand/type of router.

Thank you