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Maximum number of zigbee devices reached?



After having added some new Zigebee devices, previous installed ones are now not working anymore. I have a mix of Ikea Tradfri GU10 lights (some via Tradfri gateway + app, others directly talking to Homey), Xiaomi Aqara wall switches and motion sensors (battery powered) and 2 Osram plugs as an attempt to improve the Zigbee mesh.

But after having added new devices, a previously working Aqara wireless switch now has the red ‘pay attention’ triangle in the app (‘apparaat niet beschikbaar, onbekend probleem’) and checking https://developer.athom.com/tools/zigbee the device is simply not listed anymore:

How and why is this device removed, have I somehow reached a maximum of devices? Are my routers not working and is the amount of devices therefore limited? And what can I do to resolve this (please don’t answer wait for the zigbee rewrite :roll_eyes:)? I have more products I want to add, but for each new one an old one drops out…and I want to be able to control my lights without an app.