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Mertik Maxitrol


I am new to Homey, I was a Domoticz user. In Domoticz I was able to control my fireplace (on, flame-up / flame-down and off) through my connected RFXcom device. The remote the fireplace uses is the Mertik Maxitrol (B6R-H8TL3B).

I searched the forum but could not find any clues in how to add this remote. I read some stuff on IR signal learning but I dont have a clue how that can be done, is there a generic IR learning app? I see some options in the developer portal but I don’t think that is the way to go.

I have got my Somfy RTS screens working because there was an app for it but I am looking for a more “generic” app that can do it all. Can some one pinpoint me to the right direction please?



Sorry, just found a way I guess…Device -> Add (+) -> Homey -> Infrared.

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