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In short: you can’t. Only V2 is supported and even for V2 you might need to open ports. See some posts above.

Step-by-step guide:

New version 1.1.8 is published:

" [v1.1.8 added Air Fresh VA4 and Aqara D1 Wirelles Switches]"

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Jan, is there any plan/possibility to support Mi Desk Lamp 1S?

Post it on github:

I have a Xiaomi gateway EU version has anyone been able to add it to mi homey?

Cause in mi home app (Xiaomi) there’s no option like describe on the step by step guide to open port.

Eu gateway on eu server.

Thank you

No, the EU version cannot be used. The V3 cannot be used.
Check the firmware version. They can only be used up to a certain software version.
Best buy a second hand, older version.

Check the MAC:
"If your gateway’s MAC address starts with 04:CF:8C or 7C:49:EB , there is a good chance that the required port 9898 is closed on your gateway (you can check it with the Nmap utility, using the command sudo nmap -sU {gateway_ip} -p 9898 ). To fix that issue, you need to do these steps:

  • Find a specific screw bit (like a fork) to open the gateway case.
  • Find a USB-UART cable/module and connect it to your computer.
  • Solder 3 wires - RX, TX and GND like here.
  • Turn on the gateway (220V).
  • Open a serial terminal application (e.g., PuTTY) and connect to the serial port assigned to the USB-UART module (baudrate: 115200).
  • Wait until the gateway is booted up, connect the RX, TX and GND wires to the UART module (don’t connect the Vcc (power) wire!).
  • RX on UART to TX on gateway
  • TX on UART to RX on gateway
  • You will see all the messages from the gateway.
  • Send the command psm-set network open_pf 3 (the command has to end with a CR newline character).
  • Check your settings executing the command psm-get network open_pf to be sure it’s OK.
  • Restart the gateway."
    Source: https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/xiaomi_aqara/

Have a look at this one as well, I found it very usefull:

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Thank you @Jan_Peeters only with a EU at home right now, just wanted to know if it was possible somehow for the EU.
Thank you once again :ok_hand:

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Has anyone tested if this app is compatible with homey 5.0?

Yes it is compatible with latest Homey v5.0.0-rc.47



Guys. Newly listed in Xiaomi gateway, china server!!!

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