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I have about 25 aqara devices. If i buy and add the gateway the devices appears as aqara zigbee devices (as Aqara & Xiaomi Smart Home - Zigbee App)?

The last gateway (V3) is compatible?

I meant “gateway” and “gateway.v3” they all refer to DGNWG02LM

Supported Gateways

Yes, I have this one.
P.S. After changing .getDevicesByModel(model) to .getGatewayByModel(model) in onPairListDevices at gateway’s driver - Gateway was added succesfully.

oh, didn’t notice, thanks for revealing the bug

I am testing the application, I have included the vacuum cleaner and it works perfect, but now I want to add some yeeligh bulbs and I don’t have the tokens. Any way to get them?


Is it possible to add the “Aqara Wireless Relay” as well?
Thank you!

My gateway does not seem to be supported (lumi.gateway.v3).

After adding it via mac + token (both are excepted successfully) I read that the v3 gateway is not supported.

Will it get support?


at miio discover terminal
if miio is not installed install sudo npm i miio -g

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Unfortunately, you can’t add yet.

try the latest version (1.1.1v)

I downloaded the ‘master’ version. In the txt file it states: ## Version 1.1.1 -

Is another version needed for my v3 gateway?

No, you do not need another version.

Yes, I noticed, thank you.
Is it possible to add the “Aqara Wireless relay” to the library?
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I managed to add my gateway (model = DGNWG02LM). Did it with both the token way and the MAC way, resulting in two (!?) gateways in the App.

What next?

If I go to ‘devices’ in the Homey App and try to add something, nothing is found?

Hi, i can’t found the app i Need to connect the hub , it’s still possibile ? Thank you

And to be sure, you did read the topic? From what i read you need to install it from github. Linkis in the topic.

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Hi, yes i’ve read all post buy i didn’t understand that before, thank you, One questione more , how can i install the app from github?

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Thanks i’m installing node.js thanks again i’m doing a feedback After the ultimate installation