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Okay, i’ve installed mi homey, but… I’ve One problem, i can’t install mi hub 3 see the first picture

Where are the plugin settings?
the radio version yes

But isn’t possible controll it, where i do wrong ?
Okay i’ve found settings but i can’t add gateway because i dont know the password , where i found It ?

Bit confusing. my model seems compatible, but I think it is the Aqara model which is not supported. Bit stuck now.

hi, I’ve the second gateway but I think I need help, I ve found the token, Mac address and the gateway ip but I don’t know why I can’t add, if in settings I use ip and token to generate password , not work, if I use the Mac address I don’t have the password to abbinate… in node.js I write miio discovering but the response is:
device id 274XXXXXX
model info unknown
address 192.168.x.x
token ???
support unknown


I can confirm, have latest gateway, when i use valid token and ip I always get info about timeouted something

I think ( and i hope) we do wrong something

Goodmorning, today i have do a tentative to connect the gateway but this time i have try to connect It like an ir device… Not work but app see him ( right?)

The ip and the token i think are correct but when i try to connect gateway an error occour, logically, i can’t use the gateway like ir device

I’ve talk with the italian developer of Xiaomi smarthome app, he Say that the EU gateway don’ t have a password jet , the gateway Is DGNWG05LM

Up2: the gateway Is connected but the light not work , i’ve wrong something or miss a passage!?

Hi, i think i’m in your similar situation, can you help me ? Where i can add the gate with .getgatewaybymodel , where are gateway drivers ? Thank you

I think Maxmudjon has alredy correct this bug but i can’t add the gateway

Hi, the colors for gateway dont work properly. When I set color in the pallette the gateway is alway bright white. Is it repairable? Are you gonna support this app still? thank you very much for your interest helping us.

Hi, fantastic app ! Btw, when I added my gateway (not sure which generation I have but I purchased it 10 months ago) - in the setting I see GW IP - state Power ON (while it’s off) and not reporting Lumens. While those values are reported correctly in the new app you just take over (and again THANK YOU !) The rest looks fine, eg. Smoke Sensors , Flood sensors (just realized my batteries could be running out?!)

Do you have the same issue with the colors on the gateway?

Yep, it’s behaving strange - I set color, sometimes it’s reflected, sometimes not…
Btw, would be fantastic also to have option to cancel alarms - eg. for the flooding sensors/smoke alarms. I was just testing it and the Gateway is then “blinking” red quite long. Naturally you would need it mostly at night in case of false alarms.

What kind of gateway you have? How di you have abilitate colour?

i don’t know why i have this errore token and ip are both correct

The image i’ve posted look similare your error?

Yes, its same

as I imagined, someone can help us ?


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Some progress here? I have the same problem.

Is the 32 character token the right one?

If not - How can I get right token or password?

Sorry man no one can help us i think

I used 32 character token. But first time i got error. Second time gateway added successfully.
And in general you can run app in debug mode and post console logs here.