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MiBoxer 2.4 Ghz Gateway or

same here, most places dont have a clue, or just dropship deliver from factory

Yeah however ledstripxl is a store in the Netherlands that has a lot of them I truly think these are the last ones of the old model

But on the site i read “niet op voorraad” english “no stock available”

Hi all
My main reason to buy Homey was the ability to controll MiLights. They have a large selection of different lights; 230V, 12V, indoor, outdoor and so on. Now I have a lot of lights but can’t get hold of the old iBox controller. I made a request to add support for the new WL-Box 1 but how will I know if they plan on adding this and when this could happen? I have about 50 bulbs and 20 led strip controllers and really don’t want to replace them all.

-Is there a way to know if they plan on supporting the new WL-Box1?
-Anyone found a supplier of the old iBox?

Thanks in advance for any help in this matter!!

Hi Tommy

Well the only solution for this is to find a older version of the Ibox or finding somebody that can program a app for the new wlbox.

Both ways quite difficult I managed to find some one that sold me 2 of the older versions and maybe you can find them on eBay.

However I did find a whole alternative solution and that is to use the LED lights and bulbs of gledopto. They have a similar selection as mi light and works on Zigbee. The app is also available on the app store. I installed it at a friend’s house and was quite impressed

Tommy, old iBox1 can be found on Aliexpress:

They work like a charm!

Be very sure these are really the old models. I bought 2 as they advertised with the old models when I received it I got the new models. I contacted several sellers on Ali and in first attempt they assure that they have the old models but when I ask to take a picture you will see this is the new model. When you complain about that they will say that these are the same as they aren’t 🤦

I have to take a check on Gledopto, they may be an alternative when buying new lights. thanks.

I have only been looking for iBox2 but this also works then. Great advice.

Maybe can have them take a picture, as Xavi2503 advices, so I really get the right one.

How does the built in light in iBox1 work? Is it one zone of its own or how is it controlled.

Use the Mi-light app of Homey. Each zone is recognized in Homey:

The lights are configured in the Mi-Light app (Android/Apple)

Ok, great. And I see that the unit itself is showed as a Night light. Thanks!

I have a solution
the wl-box 1 can be linked with the tuya smart app and you can add the lamps
you choose add device then lighting
then lighting (other) after this you reset your wl box and then you let it search
then you open the homey app and you can add your lamp with tuya cloud

Ok, finally a solution with the new WL-Box1, great!
I’m not completely shure i get the procedure, but maybe it clears when I try it out.