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Microsoft Teams / Outlook integration

Hi all,
In these times we all (well, a lot of people) work at home far more than before.
Wouldn’t it be nice if we had some sort of Microsoft Teams integration? (My Teams runs on Windows)

Triggers could be incoming chat messages, video calls, starting of meetings, etc.
That way you can automatically have your music muted, turned up lamps (for better video quality), have Homey (or your Sonos, Chromecast) tell you there’s a message/call, etc…

For triggers on the start of meetings, Outlook integration could be of help too.

Does anyone know if such a thing can be done?

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It could be possible with the MS cloud APIs but I cannot tell for certain.

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So basically you want a trigger, when its time to put clothes on turn off netflix and pretending you working hard at home :innocent: :innocent:

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No, but if you tell me how you do that, I can easily use it for my own flows as mentioned above… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I i don’t think it’s a crazy idea either. We both work at home at the moment and when my girlfriend is going into a Teams meeting she is shouting at me: will you please put down the volume please!!!:smile:

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I think it can be done using the cloud apis. What would be nice too is if we could access the calendar. For example I have something in mind that homey could check for the earliest appoint ment on the next day and alert you if it is earlier than usual.

Can be done, Microsoft have well documented and available API’s.

That would be great! Now the only thing is to get a developer to make this app.
I have no knowledge or programming at all…

Today I have made flows to mute my Sonos when a phone call comes in.
Used tasker on my (Android) phone for triggering a webhook to my Homey, which starts a flow that mutes Sonos.
The same for when tasker detects the phonecall app on my phone is idle to trigger a webhook that starts a flow to unmute my Sonos,

Isn’t there a possibility to do something alike for Teams? To trigger a webhook, of letting a Windows app like Tasker detecting an incoming call or meeting to trigger a webhook?

theoratically if that works, you cans ee what tasker picks up when the team app on your phone?

I am not that familiar with tasker.
Can you make it “scan” for triggers started by Teams?
Would rather not use Teams on my phone though, would be nice to be able to have Teams on Windows triggering. That is how I attend meetings, etc too. Not on my phone…

Check out microsoft flow for o365, if that is enabled on your tenant. I use that to f.ex trigger the heater on my tesla if i put “tesla:” in front of a calandar appointment in outlook / exchange.
You could maybe write a custom app on homey that listens for a trigger from o365.
While writing, i just noticed that it is no longer called “flow” but “power automate”

I like the way you think, and I hope this might put a dev on the route to something cool.