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I still have the same issue as well.

Hi! I just got my first Homey and I really hope your Mill app will be available in the new app store. Big appreciation for your work, thanks!!

@glennsp Great app, thanks! But I’m having the same issues as several others here, here is my findings:

  1. One Mill panel oven workst just fine.

  2. After connecting two panel ovens, both can be accessed directly through the Devices-tab in Homey, and program change works on both.

  3. With two panel ovens connected, any flow that changes the program will always change the program on one heater. I have one panel oven named “Andrea” and one named “Mikael”. If I add to the flow that “Mikael” should be changed to “Comfort”, everything works just fine. However, if i add to the flow that “Andrea” should be changed to “Comfort”, “Mikael” is the panel oven that gets changed to program "Comfort.

I’m a developer myself, do you have e.g. a github repository with the code that I could take a look at to try to figure out what causes this?

Again, thanks for the app, for me this is a “killer app” that really makes my Homey worth the money. Just need this small issue to be resolved before I can fully utilize it :slight_smile:

Best Regards,


@JimmyHoffa81, @Yhaugom and @Terje2 are you using the beta or the production version? The production has a few bugs that’s corrected in the beta.

I also just submitted an update to the app, hopefully it will be out in a day or two.

I’ll upgrade the current beta to production and start fixing the bugs, add more functionality and generally show the app more love in the coming weeks.

@Terje2 I welcome contributions! The developer repo is found here: https://github.com/glennsp/com.mill

Stay tuned!


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I`m using v1.0.4 beta. @glennsp

v1.0.4 beta here as well.
Great to hear @glennsp.
I have an app I need to show more love myself… when I can find the time.

Hi, how do I install the Beta app?


Search for “CLI install” on this forum.

Thank you!
The app is back again, have downloaded from the Homey web page.
I have tested with 3 Mill smartplugs.
Works fine, but I have the same issue as mentioned before:
When changing status on all three from a flow, only one is changing status.
Individual changing from the apps work fine.

Have the same problems with flows, have three wifi ovens, updates only one through flow, through app OK!

Is it.possible to put In the energy usage when on and off? Further the app is awesome, thanks for creating.