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Misol Soil Moisture Sensor (version 0.1.0)

I am creating a new app to support the Misol soil moisture sensors. The app is available now in the Homey Community Store Homey Community Store and the Athom store Misol App for Homey | Homey

The app works with the Misol Gateway https://www.aliexpress.com/i/4000852618353.html and the Misol Soil Moisture sensor https://www.aliexpress.com/i/33056433752.html

To configure the gateway you will need the WS View app. In the Weather Services, select the Customized option and set the:

  • Protocol Type to Same As Ecowitt

  • Server IP / Hostname to the IP address of your Homey

  • Path remains as /data/report

  • Port set to 7777 (this can be changed if required but the Homey app will need to be configured to match)

  • Upload Interval set to 16

Then save the settings.

The gateway should start pushing data to Homey. Once the app has received the first packet you will be able to add the gateway device and soil moisture sensors. Each gateway can handle 8 soil moisture sensors but you can also add multiple gateways.

The gateway provides temperature, humidity and presure data.


Can the sensors also being used outside?

I can’t find any official IP rating so I can’t say for sure, but it looks like it should be OK. I have only just put mine outside so too soon to say if it will survive.
Luckily they are cheap, so if it does succumb to the elements then I will buy another one and add some extra protection. I was thinking of a rubber glove, using just the thumb and first finger, to put over the unit, or just put a pot over it.

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Yes great idea.

I have ordered more components to add to the gateway so hopefull in a month or so when they arrive I will be able to add support for:

and the PM2.5 sensor