Misplaced buttons in iOS app


Hi all,

Sinds last Saturday I’m the proud owner of a Homey :smiley:
Currently I’m setting up the devices and apps to control everything from the Homey controller.

Sinds the beginning I have some issues with the vision of the iOS app (iOS12.0.1).
The view is misplaced and in some cases I see some lines on the place I should see the % output of the lamps.

I don’t know if this is ‘normal’?

Thank for the help!




It’s not normal in the sense that the user interface is broken, but there’s not much you can do about it at the moment. From what I understand, the current iOS app won’t receive any more updates since the new v2.0 app is “just around the corner”.


I have the same problem with the IOS app. Hopefully version 2.0 will be available soon. Hopefully we can do more with Siri.


You can do everything you want with Siri by installing this app: https://apps.athom.com/app/com.swttt.homekit

It works awesome and I have all my devices and alarms working with Siri and Apple Home Kit.


Thanks for the reply’s.

So I bought something from €299,- and it is currently not woking fine, because an update is around the corner?
What will happend in the future, when there are some bugs in the newer version?



Homey is (mostly) working just fine, it’s the mobile app that isn’t.

But the current app is severely limited in its possibilities anyway: if you want to manage devices or create flows, you need to use the PC/Mac app for the time being. That will all change with v2 of the mobile app.

Like @danone says: the Homeykit app that you can install on Homey offers much better iOS integration anyway, using Siri, shortcuts and widgets to control your devices.