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Mobile push confirmation timeout


Hi all

Since a few weeks now, I don’t get a reply from Homey when confirming or denying a mobile push confirmation question. When testing a flow, the wait icon keeps spinning on the AND card, eventually giving a timeout like referenced in this topic … Mobile push timeout

I have checked practically everything to find out the root-cause, but I can’t find it.
Any ideas what to do next?

Kind regards


And why not continue this in the topic u linked to?


Because he asked an informational question, and this is question for help … :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Did you try to re-confirm your mobile phone? I ad this once when I deleted the app from my phone and re-added a new version I think…


@bvdbos, how do I do that?


just choose the phone in the card and select it again. Save the card after that… BTW, just guessing this will work… You don’t have android 9 do you? Cause android 9 is a known problem with confirmations…


Yup, Android 9. Where did you find that information, I haved searched everywhere and didn’t come up with anything…


You’re correct. Didn’t find this on the forum easily. Was mentioned on slack multiple times already though…