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Motion Sensor in bathroom

Hi guys, I’m facing a problem here with my motion sensor. I’m using 2 motion sensors in the bathroom, as the 1st motion sensor cannot detect any motion through my shower screen. So I placed the 2nd motion sensor over my shower screen. It works nicely for a couple of days, but now it can’t detect any motion anymore. Not sure because of the steam or moisture seep in.

Anyone manage to solve this issue or is there any other brand of sensor that is waterproof?

I’m using aqara sensor btw…

Cannot imagine it is a water problem, but maybe it is. Have you checked the developerspage if it has a good mesh? Philips Hue has a outdoor sensor if water is the problem.

I think so. PIR sensors are pretty sensitive, and the Aqara sensors are far from water/steam proof.

Sorry what do u mean by a good mesh?

When you go to the developerspage you get a menu. Choose Zigbee. Now you can see how your device is routed towarts Homey. Developerspage Mesh is the way Homey communicates. From device to device to device. Every non battery opperated device is able to extend your mesh. We call these non battery devices extenders. So you need extenders to expand your mesh.

Hmm it’s not a range issue as I have device further than this and it works seamlessly.

That leaves what @robertklep implies that your sensor is not water/steam proof.

For two years now, I’m using a Philips Hue (indoor) motion sensor in my bathroom. Sometimes I take a loooooong shower where I set the water temperature higher and higher, which will leave the bathroom full of steam. The motion sensor has never ever failed on me, so I think this sensor is worth your try.

Thanks for the recommendation!

If you looking for something a little more robust - perhaps the philips hue OUTDOOR sensor might be an even better fit.