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MQTT Hub/Gateway


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:blush: Hmmm… not sure where this is going …


Just completed the implementation of the Homie Convention for Homey v2.0. See the ‘homie2’ branch

Meaning: Auto device discovery within HABPanel is available for Homey 2.0.


Very cool. I wanne install it on Homey and a Synology NAS. Yesterday alreadys started but i am stuck.
Can’t install openHAB because java isn’t installed. And next i can’t install Java because of a error. What are you using?


Do you have a NAS that’s capable of running Docker containers?


Exactly as @robertklep mentioned. I’ve installed openhab in a docker container on my Synology NAS.


Hmmm I see openhab is also available as a snap.
Might be an idea to install that on my Linux server.


I unfortunatly have a DS212+ which doesnt support Docker.

So i ordered a DS216+II :grinning:


I am aware that this quote above is a sideshow of the objectives of the app-maker (as stated in the opening post).
The objectives of Harrie is to make homey (and all that is attached to it, zigbee, zwave etc) available -trough mqqt-gateway- to the outside world, meaning openhab/node-red etc, to be able to make a dashboard, advanced flows or integrate it in other home automation systems.
I reconise this as a daring adventure for sure although it has not my interest.

It does have my interest in opening up the outside world to Homey. Maybe this can be combined in this one app
But I have no problem if is doesn’t. If everybody as some fun it is ok.
Maybe this is superfluous to say, but you know, none the less


My ultimate goal is to create 2 way communication with Homey using industry iot standards (where possible). So creating virtual devices for ‘external’ devices surely fits into this view. I want to use Homey is my central ‘hub’ and not as a standalone controller.

To easiest way to achieve this, is by implementing the Homie Convention the other way around (discover devices & map them to virtual devices).
All help is appreciated :blush:!


As I nodded off last night I was thinking about this reverse path of auto discovery of MQTT devices as virtual devices in Homey.

As Harrie alluded to above it would be easier using industry IOT standards but those are still in their infancy.

There are really not many products yet that support homie 3 or the HA equivalent discovery protocol. Tasmota / esp8266 / Shelly devices and the applications openHAB, Domoticz and HomeAssistant are some that come to mind. However although those applications have implemented these protocols for discovery i.e. for importing devices they ironically don’t implement it the other way around for advertising or exposing their internal devices. I suppose this is of less interest to the developers and users.

This makes the task of auto creating devices within Homey not as easy or useful as it could be, Needs more thought.


Next stop: TileBoard for HomeAssistant?


Hi. I find this super interesting and I’m trying to get this to work. I don’t have much knowledge in this however and are trying as best I can from different instructions and guides.

I think I managed to come pretty far. OpenHAB is installed as well as the Broker, Client and Gateway. I managed to get homey to be found inside OpenHAB as a “Thing” automatically but it says:

Status: Offline - communications error
java.lang.Exception: Did not receive mandatory topic value: homie/homey/$homie

I realise that it will get tiresome to help every newbie with things they don’t fully understand. But do you have any idea what this could mean?



Well, you’re almost there! Just restart/re-install the gateway app. The above error is a known bug in openhab. The registration process is aborted if no response is received within 1.5 sec. Restarting the app forces the execution of the device registration process.

Once the devices popup as channels within openhab, it doesn’t matter the device is marked offline.


A simple click and it went online. Hah, thanks! You’re doing an awesome job!


You’re welcome!
Keep us updated, I’m interested in successfully created dashboards & other app integrations.


I bought a DS216+II. Installed a docker app but what know? How can i install openHAB in the container?


seems like im running into a similar problem as @Camelen however for me it doesnt appear online or show channels as soon as i restart/reinstall the gateway app.

Is there something about the credentials that i use for OpenHab / MQTT Client or the device / client ID’s that have to be configured that i’m missing?


DeviceID is the name of your Homey ‘nomalized’.

You can use https://github.com/thomasnordquist/MQTT-Explorer to check what messages are being published for all the available topics.

mine is: homie/homey/{device}/{capability}/$command