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MQTT Hub/Gateway

No problem, @HarriedeGroot. It’s no summer yet (here in The Netherlands)… :wink:
Is it somewhere on the roadmap though?


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Great, thx already @HarriedeGroot!

Hi, has anyone used this in conjunction with another homey to basically link 2 homeys together?
The reason I ask, is I want to use 2 separate homeys in a home, and link them over IP, or in this case mqtt.

For some reason Home Assistant Discovery function doesn’t work for me.
I have only one motion sensor. I was able to add it manualy, but not using Discovery function. Please help.


Hi. Recently new to Homey and MQTT. Thank you to Harrie and all for your work on this app.

I have MQTT Hub, client and broker apps running on Homey connected to OpenHAB running on a Mac, all connected up and largely working in both directions. The one issue I have is with all Light type devices, these don’t work properly in OpenHAB. The devices are discovered properly by OpenHAB during the discovery process and are showing as online, but the only ‘channel’ that shows up for them is a color channel - even for devices that don’t actually support color change. No other channels showing up.

In MQTT Explorer, when I control the device in Homey I can see changes being broadcast correctly.

Are there any other OpenHAB and Homey gurus out there who could point me in the right direction on this?

Thank for you the app! It’s huge! I added a lot of MQTT Devices to Homey.
I noticed, there is a 1-2 seconds delay before app post value to mqtt server. So it’s very uncomfortable to use this to turn on light on movement detection.
Please check attached video:

  1. I turn on/off light using MQTT Device added in MQTT Hub/Gateway. You can see huge delay.
  2. I’m sending the same mqtt value directly using MQTT client and it’s works very fast (2-3x faster).

I tested this light with Tasmota MQTT app and it’s works very fast as well.

Hi Menno,

Is there anyting to do about the RAM usage of this cool app?
Is this to be expected, 39.5 MB’s?

I’m around 35mb, so yeah. Your “Homey” has a lot more than mine. Have you restarted / PtP Homey recently?

Ok thanks. Maybe I’ll install the HA mqtt broker as an alternative.
About Homey’s memory usage, I discovered recently it varies 50 to 100 MB’s.
A restart reduces my Homey’s memory use to around 130MB’s, but it only restarts after a FW update.

I just found out Homey uses more memory than it has on board :flushed::ok_hand:

That’s the MQTT hub app not the MQTT broker - so moving to the HA broker won’t help except by removing the app from Homey. It’s a good idea though as the MQTT broker on Homey doesn’t support retained topics.

Owh I mixed things up! It comes for free when ageing🤪