Multiple "When" cards in flows



I’ve seen some pictures where users have used multiple cards in the “When” statement in flows.
Can anyone explain to me how that works and what type of cards can be used simultaneously in the WHEN statement.
Is it like
WHEN the first card OR the second card THEN…
or is it
WHEN the first card AND the second card THEN…

Thanks in advance for any replies

More then one trigger in a flow

You only can use one card in the “when” colum.

Dont know where you see that.


And requested and debated a lot in the old forum - a lot of pros and cons - and as far as I remember, something Athom has repeatedly stated is not up for change.
However, if accepting there’s only one way in to trigger a flow and adapting your planning to that, it’s not necessarily that stupid - or difficult.
One way is to implement the - make flows that are focused on how to trigger something and let the common denominator be sending an event and then one flow that is triggered by that event…
Another way is realising the very useful way you can use the flow card “Devices” - a lot of times what you actually want by adding multiple triggers is rather easyly reached by using that card…
Third, a lot of times, turn you flows upside-down - what you think of as triggers might often ust as well be conditions that have a common trigger - find the common trigger (or invent one) and set what you originally though of as a lot of triggers as possible conditions…


I saw it in this thread and saw another image somewhere with multiple cards on the “When” statement but it could absolutely be a hoax.

I also tried to add multiple cards in the When statement which was possible but i never tried to save until now… which gave me the error that i could just use 1 trigger :slight_smile:


Well, reading through the thread you’ll see, that what is actually referred to, is not multiple trigger cards in a flow, but trigger cards that natively include changes in multiple alike devices - such as “motion alarms”…
Referring to this as a hoax is - in my opinion - going a bit to far - it’s more a matter of reading the all posts and not only the headlines - and also the posts in the bottom that clearly states that several trigger cards are not possible…