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MyHome (legrand/Bticino) and Homey


I have in my house several modules MyHome from Legrand to command my ligths and shutters through buttons.
I don’t have gateway installed. I’m thinking to install a F454 from Legrand but then I don’t know how to link my différents modules with Homey ?

Thanks in avance for you help

Best to take a look at homeys app store if you brand/ device has a app for it, otherwise it probbely wont work

You can ofcourse make a request for it then

Thanks for the reply.
after check, for the moment it doesn’t work. perhaps a future development.

How do we know if this has been requested yet? I can’t anything any request link on the app store…

The requests that made to Athom you cant see. But i think it doesnt matter only for the reasson, the more request of one item, the more they realise that its a big thing that the communty wants so.

And how to make a request you can find on the welcome post here on the forum

or you use this direct link