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myStrom - Smart Home app for Homey (v1.0.6)

myStrom - Smart Home app for Homey

Adds support for myStrom devices.


  • If you have problems after the upgrade, register all devices new.
  • Finding new devices can take up to 4 minutes.
  • To add myStrom devices, you have to use the myStrom-App at the moment.

Important note for Buttons

Keep in mind that in order for the Button or Button+ to respond to any of these requests they have to be in the configuration mode:

  • Button: (Re-)Connect the button to a power source with the provided USB cable. Press the button and after some time it should become visible in the network.
  • Button+: Open the back of the button by rotating it clockwise. Remove the batteries and reinsert them. The Button+ should now be visible.


  • myStrom Switch v1 & v2
  • myStrom Bulb
  • myStrom Button
  • myStrom Button Plus
  • myStrom LED Strip [currently not supported]
  • myStrom WiFi Motion Sensor [currently not supported]



  • README.txt removed external link


  • Fixed Button
  • Add batteries type


  • Some changes for the new Homey-App Store


  • Rewrite myStrom Bulb
  • Some fixes


  • Rewrite myStrom Button & Button+ (Due to Homey v2 & myStrom api changes)




  • Release problem fixed


  • Support for myStrom WiFi Button Plus added
  • Code refactored


  • Support for myStrom WiFi Button added
  • New pictures added (Thanks to Tom)
  • Device response error fixed


  • Support for myStrom WiFi Bulb added
  • Device discovery refactored


  • Support for myStrom WiFi Switch added
  • initial commit


  • myStrom Button add “energy.batteries”
  • Add homey discovery-api
  • Test WPS-Mode
  • Adding devices (pair) to WLAN without myStrom-app

Copyright and license

Copyright 2017, 2019 cFlat-inc.org under ISC License

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For later use…

Hi Chris

First of all thank you for your app.
Will it be possible in the future, to use the Wifi Switch temperature sensor as a trigger?
E.g. to display the temperature under devices or to include the temperature change in a flow?

Guete Morge,

Please report a request or issues via Github

Sure no problem, but not today or tomorrow, I’m busy right now :slightly_frowning_face:.

THX Chris

Hi Chris

I just bought a myStrom WiFi Button +. It was possible to add the button+ to homey, sadly my homey flow with “Button gedrückt - kurz gedrückt” doesn’t work and I don’t see any “Geräteverlauf”. I’ve also tried other Button types, but no reaction at all. Any hints what I’m doing wrong?

The Button has Firmware 2.74 and 100% battery power :slight_smile: . The Homey myStrom App has v1.0.2

Cheers Josef

I’m trying to locate the problem. :worried: !!

New version relased:

  • Fixed Button
  • Add batteries type

Because of the new certification process unfortunately it took a little bit longer until the new version went live, sorry :roll_eyes:

Hoi Chris

Thanks a lot, I’ve already seen your github commits a few days ago and couldn’t expect your new version, now I got it. Seems to be perfect now, thanks a lot for fixing. I will now try to find someone who 3D prints a cool case for the + button :wink:.

Merci vielmal, Cheers

BDW: For the next time, you can install the test version (https://homey.app/en-us/app/ch.mystrom.smarthome/myStrom-SmartHome/test) :wink:

I am interested to use this button for easy on/off home alarm when going to sleep.

Will the button or button + stay with lights on when in “on” state ?
Is the light customizable ?

Overall getting the flow cards that I can use would be helpful.

For example of I could make it have a color on touch (red alarm on, green alarm off) and a toggle on pressing twice or holding would work also.


In short, No, there is currently no API :frowning_face:

Hi there, any news when the myStrom WiFi Motion Sensor will be supported?
Os have i missed that and it is already working?

There is no planning regarding the sensor, Sorry :no_mouth: